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25 Jan 2021
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Vertical Layout for Final Cut Pro w/ One Monitor 16 May 2023 20:05 #125506

With the rapid growth of vertical video, love it or hate it, it's become a massive need for users. Premiere has a vertical editing layout that allows the right side of the screen to be utilized best for vertical video.

Most of my clients work is turning into vertical, and it baffles me that there is no workaround to achieve anything like what Premiere has in Final Cut. No virtual display software that works anymore, or literally anything that could be used to work around this.

Right now when you edit vertical on a MacBook Pro, even the 16 inch mind you, the playback window for vertical is so tiny, barely a few inches. And there's no logical reason there shouldn't be an option to allow a vertical layout that would go to the right side of the screen. It's such a big use case, I have multiple friends who have made the jump to Premiere because of this issue, myself considering it for the first time in 11 years of using Final Cut.

Are there any workarounds for this? Does Apple have any plans to add this? I don't want to switch, also because my hundreds spent in plugins for Final Cut exclusively, but it's really testing me. I literally sold my 14 inch and bought a used 16 inch just to gain the extra one inch of space. (Didn't cost me anything, I know that's a ridiculous reason to switch computers) but my daily task is editing videos in Final Cut and I hate being stuck at home forced to use my vertical monitor setup.

This needs to be added or a workaround needs to be found.

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