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25 Jan 2021
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Need to better understand network requirements for closed captioning. 27 Mar 2023 15:13 #124742

I'm a solo videographer responsible for majority of our tv show's operations. I deliver episodes to a closed captioning service who recently had a security breach. I'm now faced with providing closed captioning and need to better understand if I can take on this aspect. From what I do know, it feels like it's not really a big deal. But then I started reading the networks captioning spec sheet and I'm not as confident.

(screenshots attached that go with below information)

network - "Files shall have CES-608/708 English language captions per SMPTE 334-1&2-2000 in ANC packet per SMPTE 436M-2008. Closed caption CDP values shall follow SMPTE RP2007. Additional languages require prior approval.Closed caption encoding must be done using component digital video equipment. Per EIA-608, captioning latency should be less than 5-video frames. All descriptive packets shall be valid with no null services."

Closed captioning data for HD (720p/59.94) material shall have English Closed Captioning with a resultant CDP of 52 or 59 and be encoded in the VANC of the material on line 9 as per SMPTE 334M-1995 and EIA 708B. The 708B packet shall include 608 legacy byes (EIA-608E) and be converted from the 608-authored data.Pre-recorded programs, excluding programs that initially aired with real-time captions, will be captioned offline before air except when, in the exercise of a programmer’s commercially reasonable judgment, circumstances require real-time or live display captioning.The allowable character set should be the ANSI/CEA-608-E standard character set with the following exceptions:

Active Format Description (AFD)SMOC recommends that material include the appropriate AFD code to indicate how it should be formatted for down conversion. The AFD shall be consistent throughout the material but may result in an inconsistent picture format when transitioning between programs, commercials and other elements with different AFD indicators.The SMOC standard Active Format Description (AFD) display on an SD television as defined in DVB standard TS 101 154 is set to 1010 Letterbox 16x9 into 4x3 scan. The AFD code of 1010 will be applied to all materials unless otherwise encoded or requested by the client.The AFD metadata (SMPTE 2016-1 & 2-2007) for HD delivered materials shall be placed in the on line 11 for each frame of video as per SMPTE 2016-3-2007.The use of AFD codes other than 1010 requires prior approval by SMOC"Is this an easier process than I'm imagining?

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