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25 Jan 2021
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Reducing visual noise/artefacts from Comic Effect 15 Jan 2023 11:49 #123657

Hey everyone,

I began producing videos on FCP (2020) to accompany my music last year and I like to apply the comic effect.

The issue is that when the effect is applied, the algorithm causes detailed areas of the footage (foliage, water...) to end up with what I would describe as noise - the lines generated move/shimmer with each frame and it doesn't look great.

Any ideas for alternative ways to achieve this effect/smoothen it out (beyond default parameters) that could improve this?

Here is an example

My current knowledge
1) I could mask and focus the effect on the main subject in each scene, but that means drawing the mask and moving it around > hours of work

2) I found EbSynth which can apparently apply the effect from a static sample then the AI applies the effect to the rest of the footage but it is a pain 1) you have to export the footage as JPGs) 2) it takes ages to process

Generally been exploring other AI photo editing tools but none deal with 4k/Prores video.

I'm new here and haven't done anything to deserve your amazing thoughts/feedback so thanks in advance!

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Reducing visual noise/artefacts from Comic Effect 09 Sep 2023 22:18 #127089

Hi, are you still searching or did you find a solution?

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