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25 Jan 2021
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Questions that Apple needs to respond. 09 Jul 2011 04:10 #375

Fantastic, from Blog Larry Jordan.


These are the questions that Apple should respond.

1. What was the benefit to Apple of immediately canceling Final Cut Studio (3) with the release of a brand-new and untested product; when there was no technical reason (according to Apple) to do so?

2. Why did Apple feel it was necessary to alienate one of their most passionate fan bases with this release; were professional users that expendable?

3. What responsibility does Apple have when canceling a product to companies that built businesses around those products in terms of notification and support?

4. Conversely, what does Apple require of its vendors, when a supplier to Apple decides to modify a manufacturing method?

5. What is the benefit to Apple for assuming a strict rule of silence whenever something goes wrong? (A short period for research is understandable, but not when it stretches for weeks. The number one rule of PR is communication – but, apparently, not for Apple.)

6. Conversely, what would Apple’s reaction be if one of its vendors, say FoxConn, refused to talk to Apple when something went wrong, such as an explosion?

7. Why is Apple unwilling to provide a general roadmap to those products it considers “professional”?

8. Conversely, what would Apple’s reaction be if Intel refused to tell it about new chips it was developing?

9. Trust is a very tricky thing. It takes time to create and can be destroyed in an instant. Does Apple perceive the extent to which it has breached this trust and what will Apple do to recover from it?

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Re: Questions that Apple needs to respond. 09 Jul 2011 10:38 #378

Funny didn't he answered most of them himself on his latests appearances :evil: Larry Larry...

These are the questions that Apple Final Cut Pro Users should respond.

1. Why do Final Cut Pro Users think the latest Final Cut Studio will stop working after the release of Lion and Final Cut Pro 10?

2. How does the quality of your edit change if using a newer or older version of Final Cut Pro?

3. Why does professional software have to be expensive to be professional? If the company can afford to offer it in a lower price why does it make it unprofessional?
Maya costs today under 4K and is still used by "professionals"

4. Since when does the customer care what application you use to get the job done?

5. Why are Final Cut Pro users afraid of the "amateurs and youtube kids" if they have a easier access to the Final Cut Pro (legally)? Creativity still can't be bought. ;)

6. Conversely what would the Final Cut Pro user reaction be if a amateur or the so called youtube kid do a better job in Final Cut Pro 10 then a professional in Final Cut Pro 7 or Co.? I would hire him or think about what I'em doing wrong. :whistle:

7. If a video editor can edit with any editing tool, what is a Final Cut Pro user?

After the 3 days of training, I think I have the authority to post this...

8. Why do Final Cut Pro users judge application they have not learned or intensively used. :P

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Re: Questions that Apple needs to respond. 09 Jul 2011 21:37 #380

Your answers are relevant only to you, not for someone who spent $80k on a structure to work with FCP7. Several licenses FCS 3, Final Cut Server, Xsan, Colorist Command Station for Color. But you do not like Apple, your questions do not interest me, be happy with this aberration FCP X.

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Re: Questions that Apple needs to respond. 09 Jul 2011 22:03 #383

Are you crazy! Who said I don't like Apple lol.
The company I work for is build on Mac's at some of the Software from Apple!
Your right $80k wash't spend it was more!

We bought into Final Cut Pro, we do have some Adobe and Avid seats for other project requirements. The complete workflow is based on ProRes and Final Cut Pro! I am pretty realistic on the FCP7 and FCPX subject, fact is we will be rolling with FCP7 for some time now.
But also, technology is a big part of our jobs and lives which we are also following. One peace of that part is FCPX... it's here and we are considering and looking at adopting its workflow in our shop. From the looks of it its not going to be hard. Thanks to a smart planning and suggesten of having the best of both worlds tapeless and tape workflow!

The question that I posted are from many in the cyber world even here at FCP.co... which so self called PRO ask lol.

I don't like Apple lol that is first! I don't like People that judge things that they haven't tried well also liars and bad losers... but the tis a different story. ;)

P.S. just forgot a noter question.
Why did Final Cut Pro users complain that Final Cut Pro needs a new interface and now complaining that Apple change the interface? My favorite!

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Re: Questions that Apple needs to respond. 09 Jul 2011 22:16 #384

it's true.


That's how I feel right now.

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