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25 Jan 2021
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XML export (and import) issues - DTD validation failed 25 Nov 2022 18:56 #123058

Hi all,

New on these boards as I have never had an FCP issue before.

However, I am now continuously getting the following when exporting an xml (and subsequently importing - either on my system or another).

the xml document sent from application "final cut pro" could not be imported.

DTD validation failed. (element asset content does not follow the DTD, expecting )media-rep+, metadata?), got)

Please help me fellow FCPers...

p.s. Latest version, M1 chips, never had an issue until last week (including projects from same library), already everything in English and nothing has ever been built outside of FCP apart from some sync months ago via Sync-n-Link. Brand new problem and driving me mad.

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