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25 Jan 2021
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Multicam clip not loading properly into timeline 23 Nov 2022 20:56 #123026

I have built a three camera shoot plus a mastered audio file in a multicam session and have created a new angle to cut and pasted clips from the three cameras into one timeline at the top of my multicam, all synced up to the audio. Now I want to create a project that has the multicam in it, so that I can add text credits above and finish the project. Unfortunately dragging the multicam clip into a project and playing the multicam clip results in just a black screen with no sound. Other times that I've loaded it in in the last couple days, it might show me only one of the angles with it's own audio, and not the final angle that I have selected for video and final audio I have selected for audio. Why doesn't it load in to the project just the way I have the settings set when the multicam is open? In the past the way I work around this is to output the multicam as a movie file at high resolution and then reimport it to finalcut pro and use in a new project. But then I am unable to go back in and make colour or audio corrections. So I'm look for a way to use the multicam system within the project without outputting it.

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Multicam clip not loading properly into timeline 24 Nov 2022 01:49 #123033

  • DaveM
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Thanks for sharing the two screenshots. In the second one, showing the Angle Editor, and from your description, it appears that you are trying to edit angles there.

The Angle Editor is supposed to be use to include the media you're going to use in your multicam clip and to synch that media.

Once you have created your multicam clip, you would then add it from the Browser to a new Project/timeline. Once in a Project/timeline, you would use the Angle Viewer or keyboard shortcuts to play back the Project/timeline and make edits, switch angles, etc.

You might find it useful to review the FCP User Guide. Here are a couple of good starting points:

 Intro to multicam editing in Final Cut Pro - Apple Support

 Final Cut Pro multicam editing workflow - Apple Support

Ripple Training has a very good course on multicam editing (currently 40% off with coupon code "harvest-40" — I'm not affiliated with them except as a customer):

Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro 10.6 

Here's pretty good overview of using multicams by Steve from Ripple Training:

Top 10 Multicam Editing Tips 

Here's a pretty good overview (that is fairly recent):

 Multicam Editing in Final Cut Pro X - Beginners Guide


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Multicam clip not loading properly into timeline 14 Apr 2023 17:48 #124942

Hi Dave, I have finally been able to work on multicam they way you recommended in your reply, and to watch a few videos you recommended. Thank you so much. I am now able to understand how Multicam is supposed to work, by using the Angle Viewer to cut between angles and create the final video in a new Project's timeline, by inserting the multicam there. However I am still getting snagged by the audio that I syc'd up in the multicam angle editor. When I play the multicam in the Project, I either hear no audio, or I hear audio from one of the angles whose audio I have switched off in the angle editor. I have now reduced all the volumes of each clip to zero, so that all I should hear is my mastered stereo audio. However, I hear nothing. If I re-enter the multicam editor, I hear the audio again. The way I have solved this currently is to copy the final audio track and paste it into the new Project underneath the multicam. But is this the way it ought to function? See two screenshots, one of the new Project I created, with the audio pasted underneath the multicam clip and the other showing the angle editor of the entire multicam that includes that audio clip, which is where I sync'd up the audio to the video angles.

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Multicam clip not loading properly into timeline 14 Apr 2023 21:04 #124944

  • dmetz
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You can resolve this by selecting video-only cuts in the angle viewer.

First, park the playhead at the beginning of your multicam clip in the timeline. Then click the audio-only (waveform) icon in the upper left portion of the angle viewer, and then click on the angle with your final audio track.

Next, click on the video-only (filmstrip) icon and select your opening video angle.


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