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25 Jan 2021
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Continuous scrubbing 27 Sep 2022 11:02 #122270

I have a question about "continuous" scrubbing. What do I mean by that.Imagine you have the overview in clip view and the magnification of the clips set so that longer clips wrap to the next line. If you scrub with the cursor to the end of the line you "normally" have to move to the beginning of the next line before you can continue scrubbing. This is annoying.But by a magical coincidence this was different yesterday. I could just move the cursor (in my case via a thumb-powered trackball) at at the end of the line and the scrub cursor automatically jumped to the beginning of the next line. That was the same effect like in the old iMovie, by the way. I have always missed that in FinalCut Pro. Now I've experienced it, but can't reproduce it.Is this a secret shortcut I don't know about? I hope my text explanation was understandable and we can solve the mystery together. That would be a workflow gamechanger for me.

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Continuous scrubbing 27 Sep 2022 14:36 #122271

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...If you scrub with the cursor to the end of the line you "normally" have to move to the beginning of the next line before you can continue scrubbing...in my case via a thumb-powered trackball..

It will automatically go to the next line if scrubbing with the JKL keys, whether that's the same clip or a different clip, assuming View>Browser>Continuous Playback is enabled.

I don't use a jog wheel but if those transparently send JKL commands it would also behave similarly.

For a trackball, I assume that would behave like a mouse or trackpad. IOW it presents a cursor that when over the Event Browser clip, becomes a skimmer. When you skim to the right or left it immediately follows the cursor position.

If you move that cursor to the right, hit the border of the Event Browser and keep going, how could it know you want the next line vs selecting something in the Viewer or Inspector?

Re the current version of iMovie, it behaves just like FCP. Maybe someone could elaborate on how an older version of iMovie treated this.

I admit there have been times when I wished it would somehow go to the next line when manually skimming (not just JKL playback, which is limited to 32x speed). In fact Resolve has a feature called "source tape" which presents all clips in their media browser as a single clip you can skim through. However in my testing on Resolve Studio 18.0.3 on an M1 Ultra Mac Studio, it was somewhat sluggish. It was also sluggish to import those and build the thumbnails. So there is more than just adding features -- they must be reliable, fast and usable.

On FCP I've edited large documentaries with over 8,500 clips and did OK with the current design. If you have a 2nd monitor you can dedicate that to the Event Browser, enlarge the clips vertically then skim those with a mouse, trackpad or trackball using an S-shaped motion as you go downward.

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Continuous scrubbing 27 Sep 2022 14:55 #122272

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. The mystery is that I REALLY experienced the effect in Finalcut Pro yesterday. I just tried every variation again - I do have 2 monitors - but I cannot replicate it.

I cannot remember which version of iMovie it was but there DEFINITELY is a version that has this continuous skimming functionality. But I think it would not run with newer iOS versions anymore. So its difficult to test.

I must admit - the functionality was kinda magic but also a bit irritating, if you would not want that or expect it. The mouse cursor felt a bit "trapped" at times. That might be the reason why Apple decided to skip that. But really - if you experience continuous scrubbing you might think. "Oh god - that is so much better and suddenly makes skimming a wonderfully uninterrupted experience."

I will try more to hopefully experience it again.

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