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25 Jan 2021
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Locating matching range in Multicam 02 Aug 2022 15:45 #121678

When I'm editing using a Multicam clip I sometimes need to adjust the section of video from a specific shot I've used. Most recently I have needed this for colour and stabilization. As far as I can tell if I click on a specific shot I am drilled down to the individual cameras with no indication of where the range the shot came from is. As a result I find I'm guessing. With colour correction this is not so bad but with image stabilisation I really need the exact shot range comes from. Am I missing something or is the a FCP weakness?

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Locating matching range in Multicam 03 Aug 2022 01:15 #121684

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If you double-click on a multicam clip in the timeline, the position of the playhead on the underlying constituent clips is maintained. E.g, if you want to stabilize a multicam clip range in the timeline, just position the playhead at the beginning, double-click on the multicam clip and then blade the underlying clip at that location, then blade the end, apply the stabilization effect on the underlying clip.

Unfortunately the playhead position tracking is only one way. After moving the playhead on the underlying clip, if you back out to the multicam, the equivalent position is not maintained. However you can drill down, blade it, back out, then move the playhead forward to the end of the multicam clip range, drill down and blade the corresponding point of the underlying clip. This is actually a lot easier than it used to be.

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Locating matching range in Multicam 03 Aug 2022 13:53 #121689

Thank you - that is helpful but I’m a bit shocked that there is a not a better way. I’ve used the Apple form to request a new feature. There is such a glaring need in particular if you want to apply stabilization the editor needs a frame accurate range.

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