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25 Jan 2021
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Editing HDR, display problems. Help! 30 Jun 2022 18:45 #121144

I've been trying to create HDR videos to upload to YouTube with FCP. I'm using a late model 16" MacBook Pro. My video looks darker, and with a little less contrast on YouTube than in Final Cut. I have been trying to resolve this for ages. I need my uploaded video to look the same as in the FCP viewer to accurately color grade.
- Is the built in monitor capable of this? Must I purchase a HDR reference monitor?
- How do I turn of "Show HDR as tone mapped" on OSX? I know how to do so in Final Cut, and that does not fix the problem.
- If the above questions are not the solution, how do I fix this??? Attached is an example of the difference between the viewer in Final Cut, and YouTube playback. THANKS!!

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Editing HDR, display problems. Help! 30 Jun 2022 19:33 #121148

You do realize that everyone looking at YouTube is going to see it exactly the same way you see it on YouTube. It won't look like it looks in FCP or for that matter an HDR reference display. I know some services like Frame.io will display HDR, but only on certain Apple devices. That being said, I presume YouTube is in fact HDR compatible and you are following whatever their guidelines are. I only toss that out as a question, because I don't know myself whether or not it is.

Edit: Answered my own question:

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