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25 Jan 2021
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Export to Resolve Not Working 22 Jun 2022 13:06 #121001

So, I am trying to export a 30 minute project to Resolve 17. The media in my FCPX (latest version) is consolidated. When the timeline imports to Resolve, none of the timecodes are correct and as such the media cannot link up again. I'm at a loss.

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Export to Resolve Not Working 22 Jun 2022 15:33 #121004

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Might be something in here you could use. Could have something to do how the files were acquired into FCP.
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"Here is how to reproduce the problem: Set Alpha camera to free run timecode, have TC/UB display setting to TC so you can see it count on the LCD. Enter a preset timecode, say 00:08:00:00, observe it counting and immediately shoot a 10-sec clip. Then reset timecode back to 00:08:00:00, wait 5 sec and shoot another 10 sec clip. Thus they will have partially overlapping timecodes.

If you import those two clips using "copy to library" you can skim them and see the timecode, or sync on timecode and it will work. The synced clips will show a staggered start but have an overlapping synced region. In that region you can use the clip skimmer to inspect clip timecode and for a given timeline point, the clip timecodes should match. However if you import those clips using "leave files in place", you can skim the clips but you'll see start-at-zero timecode, and syncing the clips on timecode will apparently sync on clip start, not timecode.

It's possible the majority of mirrorless camera users don't use preset or free run timecode, or don't record in MP4 format, or the cameras use a flat folder structure and the MP4 files can be properly imported "in place", e.g, Panasonic GH4, GH5, etc. All those might never see the problem.

Even then it will only be an issue if you expect non-zero-starting preset or free run timecode, or try to sync on timecode. But FCP doesn't raise an error even if rewrapped and if there's no matching timecode. It seems to fall back on syncing on clip start. Some of those users probably say "Hey it didn't work, I'll just sync on audio".

I don't think the OP stated why he wanted the original source timecode preserved, but there are various reasons. The fact he's asking implies he's using free run or preset timecode, not rec run "start from zero".

You might want the free run timecode preset to time of day for logging. Also, if free run timecode is not consistently maintained you can't reliably sync on timecode, say between multiple Alpha cameras or those and an FX6. Both sets of clips have free run time of day timecode, but the Alpha clips (if imported "in place") aren't interpreted properly by FCP and show as starting from 00:00. This prevents sync on timecode.

Another issue is FCP does a timecode check for relink. If the original MP4 clips with time of day timecode were imported "in place", FCP sees those as all starting from 00:00, even though they contained time of day timecode. If matching ProRes clips were captured by an Atomos recorder those will have correct timecode which FCP reads properly. There are various scenarios where relink may fail with the error "The original file and new file have no shared media range". This is because FCP is not reading the correct preset or free run timecode value from the MP4 clips, rather a value starting with 00:00 on each clip. This creates a timecode mismatch between identical clips shot concurrently from the same camera.

Maybe the OP could specify the workflow issue this is causing, but there are several valid possibilities. The only immediate workaround is rewrap all files before import using EditReady."

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