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25 Jan 2021
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Clip/Audio Sync Questions 27 Apr 2022 14:22 #120247

So I have a general work flow question. If I am editing an interview that has 2 angles with external audio and start "Favoriting" answers from the A cam not realizing there is a B-Cam with external audio, is there a way to put them all together into a Multicam or Synchronize (not sure which is better) and keep all my "favorites" selected? Or does the action of FCP creating a new clip delete those selection?

Also, lets say I started cutting with the A-Cam and get B-Cam footage later, is there a way to implement a sync or multi-cam edit at that point with my current edits on the timeline?

I'm coming from Premiere where this is all doable in the timeline but I'm hooked on FCP now an committed to learning the inns and outs. Thank you for your help!

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Clip/Audio Sync Questions 27 Apr 2022 17:43 #120260

Yes! Multicam is a feature in FCPX. It works a little differently that in Premiere. In FCPX you do all the selecting and sync point making of your multicam clips in the browser, not in a timeline.

Here's the how-to doc:

As far as keeping your favourites after the fact... I just did a test and it looks like you'll loose your favourites, unfortunately. A new multicam clip will be created with no favourites applied, but you will still have your original clip with the favourites.

For multicam clips on the timeline, no, you can't create multicam clips. You can create a compound clip from the timeline, but that's kind of a diferent thing:

But, if you're committed to your timeline work, you can do a sort of multicam clip on the timeline by laying your B-cam footage over your A-cam footage (as long as you have a sync reference you can use to manually sync – using a marker (keyboard shortcut M) might be a good way to mark your sync points. The clips will snap to a marker point. Then use the clip disable/enable (Clip -> disable/enable from the menus or shortcut V by default on the keyboard) to mute the b-cam or a-cam when you don't need it.

Cut as you would in Premiere, i.e., working with the magnetic timeline in FCP, but also keep your b-cam layer in sync and cut to the same length for your overall cut.

Attached is a image showing the manual multicam method with a muted clip.

Hope that is helpful.


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Clip/Audio Sync Questions 27 Apr 2022 17:51 #120261

Thanks for taking the time to comment! I think that's about what I ran into, I was kind of hoping I was doing something wrong or missing a secret. I need to re-work my editing process which is probably more organized in the long run anyways. The things you learn you can get away with in 10 years on one platform come to bite you when making this jump.

Have a great day!

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