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25 Jan 2021
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Some things Final Cut needs in the next version to keep up... 20 Jan 2022 10:59 #118561

I use FCP for about 70% of my projects, but find myself increasingly using davinci resolve, and Premiere for 30%, and sadly this is growing with each project. I think its due to this top 6 key missing features in FCP.

1- Transcription - I'd love FCP to use Siri's power and AI and offer built in transcription which would go into a notes / transcript field on a clip level, or multicam / compound etc
2- Audio mixing - A roles level mixer would make me stay inside FCP for audio mixing
3- Better grading across clips - the ability to create grade snapshots and apply them in across clips, which would update when I change a grade on one clip, in a fast and intuitive way would save me going to DR
4- Roundtrip or integration with Motion - having VFX built into a 'motion' clip, which would either launch motion externally and update on the timeline (similar to AFX / Premiere) or having a motion 'page' would save me from going to AFX or endless renders out and importing in ...
5 - Colour management - Being able to have everything colour managed centrally (like ACES or Davincis colour management) would take out the need for individual Luts or use of plugins like Cinematch.
6 - Faster library / event / large library support. When working on a large documentary, I just find it gets really slow opening up events, searching for clips, organising things at the library level - it can sometimes lead to spinning beachballs and problems, even when working off SSDs.

What are your top 6? Do you agree or have I missed something here?

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Some things Final Cut needs in the next version to keep up... 20 Jan 2022 14:53 #118563

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Collaboration workflow tools, collapse multicam edits, round trip to Logic that works reasonably and is stable for large projects. But a practical roles based mixer (for which a patent was filed years ago) would eliminate the Logic round trip need. Duplicate detection? The ability to “overwrite to primary storyline” for all media, not restrict it to video clips. Ability to add audio clips to timeline without forcing them to be connected clips. Bug fixes. Closed caption support for MXF file export.

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