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25 Jan 2021
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Merging 2 (or 3) videos of basketball court? 19 Oct 2021 23:01 #116802

Hey all,

Basketball season is here and I'm struggling with the age old question - how to video the games automatically (so I am free to shoot photos/closeups). Last year I put a camera pointed at each side of the court and then just switched when the ball went to the other side. This is very disjointed.

Is there an easy way to put these videos side by side (continuous) and scroll back and forth to follow the ball?

I've looked into ai cameramen (ie that follow the movement), but the best I could find (pix4team) is over $1100 and wouldn't be here until after basketball season.

Any help or hints would be greatly appreciated!

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Merging 2 (or 3) videos of basketball court? 20 Oct 2021 12:38 #116812

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If you want to continuously follow the ball smoothly in one long unedited shot, first, I'd find that boring to watch. Second, you need a camera person to man that camera and follow the ball. Personally, I'd do 3 or 4 cameras in 4K, then edit in 1080 as a multicam. You get your original shots to cut between, plus the 4K allows for close-ups.

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