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25 Jan 2021
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Group Activities and SharePlay = FCP collaboration? 07 Jul 2021 00:02 #115323

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SharePlay and GroupActivities the Future of Collaboration on FCP?

Anyone try using SharePlay sessions for video work/viewing?

Finally getting around to watching the WWDC 2021 sessions. Many interesting things coming, but for FCP users; “What can we expect”.
I think that Group Activities and SharePlay may point to many exciting possibilities for collaboration on FCP (10.6.?)
Apple is including some great API’s/Frameworks/Libraries throughout all Apple OS/Devices that IMHO will lead to improving one of the weaknesses of FCP, namely collaboration.
Apple is providing the necessary API’s that will allow real time collaboration for media/movies and will allow multiple participants located anywhere in the world to collaborate and share a real time viewing environment with collective control of apps including pause/play/scrubbing for all participants.

There is also a great sync between FaceTime, Messages and Safari (or other media players) via a new Group Activities and Group Activities Coordinator that will handle most of the background tasks associated with remote shared experiences.

Total speculation about the future of possible FCP remote collaboration using SharePlay and Group Activities on the next OS’s.
One of the most requested features for FCP is collaborative editing. Think it is arriving:)

Out of the box, MacOS12 Monterey, iOS15, iPad15, TvOS15, all support Group Activities and SharePlay via FaceTime and Messages.
So what could this mean for collaboration on FCP for editing?
I see at least 3 ways this can lead to improvements to FCP and editing.
  1. Apple integration
  1. FaceTime and Messages
  2. Final Cut Pro 10.6.?
  3. Shortcuts
[*]Third Party Apps and Xcode [/*]FaceTime and Messages
The most public exposure of SharePlay comes within FaceTime and Messages apps with built in features that allows real time communication between session participants and synced viewing/listening of media. This is a built-in feature of all future Apple OS’s/devices. Each participant can view in sync with all other session participants any shared file content including streaming content or shared media files through the use of URLs.
Any participant can control play/pause/scrub for the entire group.
You can create a separate connected synced communication channel via Messages that will also allow text, audio or to a limited degree small data communication as FaceTime is playing a synced/shared media file/URL.

SharePlay means being able to create a “Session” and invite participants and once accepted there is a background prepare API that can download media if needed, queue up to sync including allowing late joiners to become synced to shared viewing.
There is also the shared links and private channels via Messages, and it is all end to end encrypted.

I really want this to work and become a tool for remote collaboration.

Apple needs to show that the backend network and Apple servers can be fully reliable.
There are new iCloud API/Frameworks that may improve cloud services, and I could see Apple having a premium iCloud Plus/Pro account that is integrated with AVFoundation and Group Activities Controller for Session participants.
Guess we are about to find out.

Anyone tried to do this yet and what is your experience so far?

Final Cut Pro 10.6.?
Apple has said that their apps will all include support for Group Activities and SharePlay. Should be for all ProApps as well.
So will we see FCP integration and new UI elements to make Group Sessions/SharePlay even more powerful?
Could see “Group Session” as a destination in FCP share Menu?
What about remotely shared editing controls and workspaces?
There are AVFoundation frameworks that could make sharing project libraries easier.
Will FCP run on iPads?

The Shortcuts app comes to the Mac and shortcuts can be shared between devices/people.
Shortcuts for Mac is quite powerful including scripting.
Given what I have seen/read in WWDC 21 material I think we will see FCP(add your app here) - SharePlay Shortcuts.
Shortcuts will allow lots of drop and drag actions and OS services, connections between app extensions, etc….

Third Party Apps, Xcode and Swift
Lots of new code has been written; APIs, Frameworks and Libraries.
Swift and SwiftUI is improving rapidly.
New libraries are now available and open sourced that allow programmers some great tools.
At the risk of being Sherlocked, app developer’s have some great assets to build from. Question is what will Apple do to address remote sharing beyond the OS wide SharePlay?
Will Apple’s end to end encryption and Apple/Safari privacy system be secure enough for NDA content or is this still the domain of 3rd party apps?
Will Apple’s iCloud+ service provide storage and integration with the Group Activities/SharePlay API/Frameworks?

Still lots of WWDC material I want to digest.
New 10bit HDR video codec
New system wide video/photo effects that can be universally applied.
Lots of AR and 3d objects frameworks.
Center Stage includes a new object motion tracker. What other uses could this be used for?

Any thoughts on WWDC2021?

Happy Editing, Greg

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