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25 Jan 2021
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Exporting XML To Logic Pro X From Final Cut Pro X 04 Aug 2020 12:53 #109112

Hey guys hope everything is well!

I'm trying to Export/import a project from Final cut pro X version 10.4.8 to Logic Pro X 10.4.8
I understand that the way to this is by organising the audio into roles and then creating a XML file but the problem I am having is that a lot of the audio seems to be missing when it arrives in Logic Pro X, I looked in all the drop downs of the tracks and still nothing!

I also tried importing it to DaVinci Resolve and then to final cut but the issue is somewhat worse as the audio falls out of order and is a complete mess!

Can somebody please help me?

PS: I heard some people are using pro tools the same way I tried to use DaVinci Resolve, any idea if this works with the free version?

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Exporting XML To Logic Pro X From Final Cut Pro X 05 Aug 2020 11:00 #109127

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Latest LPX version is 10.5.1 so if you're running FCPX 10.4 you'll really want to be running Logic 10.5 for best results. LPX and FCPX version numbers do not synchronize at all.

Yes, assign Roles, very important to keep things organized. Logic will place clips of the same Role in tracks directly adjacent to each other.

When exporting, be sure to set Metadata to "Audio" for sure.

And the round-trip between LPX and FCPX for anything but the most basic projects can be very buggy. If you want to go to Pro Tools, you'll want X2Pro.

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