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25 Jan 2021
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Generator Problem 10 May 2018 13:02 #95458

Hi Everyone,

I’ve purchased a motion template from Evanto that said it was FCPX ready. When I load it via Generator into my timeline I then have to click "the image well" in the inspector window and select a clip to load into the template. this works perfectly for the first clip I choose to upload It renders into the template and the clip works fine.

However when I go to upload a second or third clip into the template it will load in and render but the clip won't play and it's just a still image that appears. The effects and text that are applied with the template still work fine but the clip I've chosen to upload won't work.

I've tried;

1 - Changing all the media I've imported into proxies to reduce resolution and file size

2 - Creating a compound clip for what I would like to import into the template and importing that way.

Both haven't had any effect. The first clip continues to load fine and then all clips afterwards will load in and render but won't play and just show a still image of the clip.

Any help/advice on this issue would be MASSIVELY appreciated!

Here is the link to the page I got the clip from.


Hope that all made sense!



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Generator Problem 11 May 2018 14:03 #95478

I would definately login to envato and email the author.. They are ofter pretty quick to support…

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Generator Problem 11 May 2018 17:56 #95483

I've experienced the same behavior you've described with purchased Motion Templates - although I've not used Envanto ones specifically. However, I believe the issue and solution is common when working with DropZones for any Motion template in FCPX. FWIW, here's some tips from the template maker folks at motionvfx - see below.
Hope this helps.

Applying Clips in Template Drop Zones

Final Cut Pro 10.1.3+ UPDATE:
Apple has changed the Drop Zone replacement method a bit. It doesn't synchronize your Timeline and Event Browser playheads anymore. Instead, it allows you to pick a frame that will be synchronized with the template's first frame. If your clip is too short, you may experience some issues (usually a still frame instead of playing your video) but there's a pretty quick workaround that allows you to fill your Drop Zones properly:

1) place a template on your Timeline,

2) drop your short clip there as well (it doesn't matter where, you're still going to hide/delete it),

3) right-click on it and pick "New Compound Clip..." (Alt+G),

4) type in a proper name (for example "Clip_1_Extended"), pick the same Event as your original clip's and hit OK,

5) right-click on the newly created Compound Clip and pick "Open in Timeline",

6) once you're inside the Compound Clip, select your source clip, press CMD+C (copy), go to the Compound Clip's last frame (Down arrow) and press CMD+V (paste) several times - 1-2 minutes should be more than enough,

7) click on the little "back" arrow in the upper-left part of Final Cut's Timeline to go back to your main project,

8) hide (V) or delete the Compound Clip from your Timeline (it should still be visible in the Event you saved it to),

9) make sure that your Event Browser is set to "Filmstrip View",

10) find the Drop Zone you wish to fill (place your Timeline head so that the Drop Zone is visible in the viewport),

11) click on the Drop Zone's source (inside the Inspector) - it will turn blue and a "Selecting source clip" text will show up next to it,

12) pick a frame from your Compound Clip (by clicking on it either on your Timeline or in the Event Browser) - FCPX will play your footage from this exact place, starting from the beginning of the template. This is where moving your Timeline Playhead to a place where the Drop Zone is visible becomes handy - you'll instantly see what will show up there,

13) move your mouse cursor left/right and keep clicking (not too fast or you'll open it up instead of selecting) until you can see the desired frame in the viewport,

14) click on the blue Apply Clip below the viewport to apply your changes.
It seems a bit complicated but it's really easy (and obvious) once you actually do it.

Of course you could modify this solution a bit to speed up the process when working with a lot of short clips - instead of looping just one video inside the Compound Clip, throw all of them in there (duplicate them several times as well), after that you'll end up with a single CC with the following content: Clip_1Clip_1Clip_1Clip_1Clip_1Clip_2Clip_2Clip_2Clip_2Clip_2Clip_2Clip_3Clip_3Clip_3Clip_3Clip_3Clip_3Clip_3... etc. This way every time you replace a Drop Zone, simply select the desired section of that Compound Clip.

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Generator Problem 12 May 2018 21:08 #95485


This has done the trick and is the way to go! I had a feeling it might've been something to do with clip length but didn't think (probably due to lac of experience) to just copy and the paste the clip into the compound clip!

Thanks so much for the help!

I've no doubt I'll be back on here again soon with another query!



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Generator Problem 13 May 2018 11:33 #95488

Hey Nick,

Well, good I'm glad that helped. As I mentioned the template tip is from the good folks at Motionvfx - so I'll accept your thanks on their behalf and from the fcp.co community in general. Lots of knowledgeable and helpful folks on this forum as I can well attest.



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