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25 Jan 2021
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Why everyone use Adobe Premiere - not FCP 05 Dec 2021 12:40 #117804


in almost every job offer, one of needed skill is: "knowledge in Adobe Premiere and After Effects".
I've started thinking...why?

One thing is...Adobe is Adobe. And if Premiere is from Adobe...it must me a blast. Best software. Second thing...FCP works only on Mac's. Premiere can work almost on every PC with Windows.

And this second argument speaks to me. Why buying a Mac - it's better to buy even a cheap PC and...still works. Worst or better, but it works.

The point is - almost 9/10 job offer is for Adobe Premiere. Why?

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Why everyone use Adobe Premiere - not FCP 06 Dec 2021 12:52 #117815

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I’ve been tracking job postings for three years now as a research project, and yes, 99% of jobs list PPro experience as a requirement. Adobe took advantage of Apple’s horrid release of FCPX 10 years ago and have been very aggressive with their marketing since, targeting schools and the professional market. Schools get Adobe suite for free, staff training, etc. FCP’s pundits and Apple’s development team have targeted YouTubers, claiming since that is an allegedly larger market, they get the most users. This is a debate few people in the FCPX world will actually face facts on, IMHO. That’s just how it is, PPro is more feature rich, but FCPX fanboys claim it crashes a lot. FCPX is not bug or crash free and no one has evidence either is more stable than the other. But the cold hard truth is that the job market is demanding PPro users vastly more than anything else. THAT fact I have trphree years of research to prove.

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Why everyone use Adobe Premiere - not FCP 06 Dec 2021 18:30 #117817

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Everything Ben wrote, and I'll add one other thing...

IMO, the subscription model, as much as I hate it, helps Adobe with this.

My company uses InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. That means we have a subscription to Creative Cloud. There are other options (I love the Affintiy apps). However, we must maintain compatibility with our clients and it seems every major ad agency and corporation uses the Adobe Suite. It's virtually impossible to move away from these apps.

How this relates to the topic at hand is that with CC, I get Premier and After Effects (plus many other related Adobe apps) at no extra cost. I never use either, but they are there and both very capable apps.

My personal situation is different and I choose to use FCP. If I had to use an editor for a major corporation or ad agency, FCP would be hard sell if they already had an office full of creative cloud rental licenses, especially if I needed to share files with others in the company.

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Why everyone use Adobe Premiere - not FCP 06 Dec 2021 18:31 #117818

At my day gig, I'm the de facto senior editor (freelance) at a small creative production & post shop. At various times over the years, we've run up to 9 workstations in a collaborative environment. Since FCP7 was replaced by FCPX, this shop has switched to Premiere and has been there ever since. Of the various editors that come and go through here, I am the only one with any interest in using FCP. But I only use it on jobs that I completely control, because our normal workflow dictates that any editor may need to be able to jump in at any time on a project someone else started. Since most of the shops in the local market use Premiere, that means I can get plenty of Premiere-qualified editors and almost zero who know FCP well.

So why Adobe? First, of all, it's been very solid for us. Crashes are no more than FCP. Second, the FCPX launch rubbed many pros the wrong way. This includes the people who sign the checks. Remember that this timeframe included the EOL of other important parts of an Apple pro ecosystem, like Xsan and Xserve. Once a shop has committed to moving away, they are less likely to move back. In a lot of major markets where Avid is dominant, many of those shops returned to Avid from FCP7.

Another thing to consider is that not everyone is enamored with the whole magnetic timeline, trackless paradigm. Some people flat out hate it. As evidenced by many posts here about how great Resolve is and how some are ready to switch, it's clear to me that a magnetic, trackless system isn't as important as many make it out to be.

The bottom line is that Apple has been perceived to be focused on the "influencer" market at the expense of professional commercial, corporate, broadcast, and feature film post. Adobe has been able to capitalize on that. So what you see reflected in job posts is the accumulation of the past decade of this perception.

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