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25 Jan 2021
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Best Options for exporting for Bluray (built in DVD Architect) 17 Oct 2017 21:34 #91167

Ok, so I purchased DVD Architect by Sony VEGAS so that I can burn some Blurays for my wedding business. I create custom menus and interfaces, so I use to use DVD Studio Pro, but now that High Sierra doesn't support it, I'm moving on.

Anyway, I edit all my footage in a 1080p30 timeline. I've been told that Bluray does NOT support 30p. So I was told to create a 30i or 60i version (didn't know these were the same exact thing until today).

And i was also told you can create the Bluray by encoding your footage as AVC (MPEG-4) or MPEG-2. AVC is apparently the better option, giving you better quality with a lower bitrate.

My problem, however, is when I go into Compressor, and try and to find something to export as.

Should i use the H.264 for Bluray option? it that seems to be the one they have out front and center, like it's an obvious choice for creating a Bluray prerendered file. But it does not allow me to do 60i. also, by default, it's up at like 30Mbps, which I heard you should never exceed 18Mbps when prerendering for a Bluray.

The MPEG-4 option looks like the right option, because I can do 60i on it. But the .264 file seems like the obvious choice.

I just don't know which one to pick and what to do to get it prepared and ready for creating a Bluray in DVD Architect.

Any advice would be great! I'm so use to DVD Studio Pro and how DVD's are handled, Bluray's are just so new to me

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