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25 Jan 2021
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Compressor 4.3 Audio problems with DVD/BluRay creation. AC3 files have no sound. 04 Oct 2017 05:52 #90942

Working with some .mp4 files trying to convert to DVD and/or BluRay. All files play in Quicktime X with audio. No problems there.

However, when I submit a batch to compressor with the DVD or BluRay preset the resulting output does not have audio. I checked the .ac3 file that it creates and sure enough no audio. I tried to drop the file into quicktime and vlc but again zero audio.

The weird part is that if I drop the .ac3 into FCPX I can see a faint waveform but it will not play back. Furthermore if I drop the original .mp4 file and use the "share" feature in FCPX. I can get a DVD with audio, though it does not look as nice. I have not tried BluRay yet. This is a recent problem and I did not have this issue a few days ago. I've racked my brains and the internet looking for a solution but can't seem to figure it out what I may have done or what has gone wrong.

I've tried a shutdown and restart as well as the "Repair Compressor" option in the preferences.

If anyone can point me in the right direction. It would sure be appreciated. Thanks.

I'm using Compressor 4.3.2 on Mac OSX 10.11.6 on a Late 2013 MacPro.

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