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25 Jan 2021
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Best Compressor settings for 720p/29.97/2.5Mbps 30 Aug 2017 15:12 #90185

Some of our videos shall be uploaded on our own webspace for others to download (not for streaming).
The Original videos are 1080p/59.94fps so they shall be converted to 720p/29.97fps.
The Original data rate is about 20Mbps and shall be reduced to about 2.5Mbps. After reading through the Compressor help I think the best way could be to modify the preset "Video Sharing Services > HD 720p":
• Frame rate: 29.97
• UNCHECK Add clean aperture information (I've read this could be a problem with other players)
• Data rate: Custom 2500 kbps
• Fiel order: was "Same as Source" but changed itself to "Progressive"
• H.264 profile: High
• Entropy mode: CABAC
• Resize filter: "Anti-aliased (Best)"
• Retiming quality: "Best (Motion Compensated)"
• CHECK Adaptive details
• CHECK Dithering
• Enable audio pass-through (same as Original: AAC 48kHz stereo)
Please can someone confirm that this is suitable?
(It doesn't matter how much time the conversion takes, I just want the best possible quality for the reduced size and data rate.)
I made tests, it looks acceptable, but are all settings OK?
I can't try & compare all variations!
Many thanks.

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