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25 Jan 2021
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youtube upload 24 Feb 2016 14:39 #73717

Hi Everyone,

second post!!!

So Ive d one my first video edit, and its sitting at a lovely 10 mins long with some nice music and a title screen and an end title. (its nothing fancy but im proud of it)

When I go to upload onto youtube its 720mb in size which is a large file to me to upload, since I odnt have Fibre Optic in my area.

what can I do to reduce the size by use of compressor, so that its a quicker upload?

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youtube upload 17 Mar 2016 02:11 #74416

The ways to reduce file size are: lower bit rate; lower resolution; lower frame rate; more efficient codec.

I'm assuming your current file is 720 megabytes (MB) size. If so your video's bitrate is about 10 Mb per second, which is the default setting for 1080 Apple Devices. I'm also going to assume your codec is H.264, which is very efficient.

If your video resolution is 1080 and you don't want to reduce it, you could try reducing the bit rate to see where quality starts to become objectionable, Select a short representative section; encode it and upload to test. My guess is that the quality loss will be visible somewhere around 5 Mbs – but that's depending on your content. You may be able to get away with bit rates as low as 3 Mbs if the resolution is reduced to 720.

Alternatively you could forego the trial and error approach, make peace with your slow connection, plan an overnight upload and get a good night's sleep.

Good luck.


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