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25 Jan 2021
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Amelia Arsenic - Carbon Black edited on FCPX finished in Resolve 01 Nov 2016 04:20 #81802


long time reader, first time poster. I'm a director, and sometime editor in Australia. I still get allot of attitude for preferring FCPX, I reckon it's been rad since 10.06. Loving 10.3, really snappy, and the new layout stuff is great. My only remaining gripe is that it doesn't have better EDL support out of the box.

This music video was Shot on 5D and A7S, and edited in FCPX. It was finished in a proper Resolve Suite by Adam Eden. Is the first time I've been transparent about involving FCPX in a professional environment. It went very well.

This is a very fashion oriented video, it premiered on a a gothic fashion site Dark Beauty. With FCPX I was easily able to involve the art-director in the logging, and then make a script from the different shoots.

What I wasn't prepared for was how well the FCPX-XML to Resolve transfer worked. I just had to render a 444 with alpha clip for the titles and it was all good. On a beefy machine the editing tools in resolve were handy too. I used compound clips to do minor background cleanups on the black and white shots while the colourist took a break.

The roundtrip back to FCPX although not essential for this project was very cool, and is a great way to archive. Thanks for all the workflow tips over the years, be harder to get things done without lurking this forum.


Amelia Arsenic - Carbon Black

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