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25 Jan 2021
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Shooting a web series - 10 Episodes. The experience and end results 17 May 2016 03:37 #76814

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Hi family.

Been away from the boards for a while as we started to put together a new web series and I'm pulling lot's of all nighters trying to make it pop! The first pilot/ep#1 is ready, and sans a few spots being not perfect I'm happy with the final jam at the wall.

Would love some feedback including critical 'what I should have done' on any shots.

Just a quick disclaimer - it's NSFW content.


Geeky Stuff:

Atamos ASSASSIN for some 4K shots.
All shot & edited at 23.98fps, mostly slog-2 and some with NO picture profile.

Sigma 1.4 ART 50 (best lens evarrr!)
Canon USM 2 - 2.8 70-200
Tamron 2.8 17-50

--EDITED IN FinalCuPro x
3D overlays done in Motion 5

Rode Shotgun into a ZOOM H1 for run 'n gun shooting.
Shure SM7B through a Solo 610 preamp for in studio/voiceovers,
into Logic Audio through a CI2 soundcard, and cleaned with
Izotope tools for final noise reduction.

Rendered out as a h264 at 1080, youtube made it a bit darker but still pretty good. 27min video turned into almost 4gigs and took me overnight to render (because a lot of effects/filters/3D/neatvideo etc).


The challenges so far:

It's a LOT of chopping, a LOT of data, two cams, boom mics, tons of different levels in audio and in color/footage to try to compile into a look/feel.

I took for granted how much goes into putting together an actual pilot/creative compilation of people, graphics, visual treatments, and most of all scheduling/not fumbling too much in your day of shooting.

The low light shots are desirable but still hit/miss if I'm not on my prime lens

The dialogue audio is a tedious process I'm still getting used to, especially trying to capture sound in a warehouse'ish location while trying not to catch too much reverb.

Oh, and trying not to disappear from real life, or drink too much coffee/eat crappy foods while I'm in love with my timeline and cutting lol. Also trying not to get sick of the footage as you do pass after pass tinkering with it all.

Anyone here that shoots on the regular and has a constant puzzle they have normalized into a good workflow, I admire you and have a new found respect for the visionaries behind good motion pics.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated! I'm loving the process but do see room to improve as we roll out. This is all out of a grass roots passion for us on no budget, if it catches we're going into full production for the year.

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Shooting a web series - ep 1 ready. The experience so far... 01 Dec 2016 22:55 #83531

  • Norbz
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Just doing a follow up to this.

Finally uploaded our season finale - it ended up being 10 episodes, and I learned a TON about what it takes to create something cool with a big group of people.

If anyone has any questions on the process, filming, editing, foley, audio, dialog, story/scriptwriting, casting, framing etc. please don't be shy.

We got better and better each episode and there were also moments where I grew to hate the project and felt like I was doing a highschool flim not a real production... Some nights after a shoot though we'd all be lit loving what just happened and knowing this should have cost us $xx,xxx for some shoots yet it was all done on no budget, just passion.

Here's a quick little top 10 list of fun facts for our show:

10: None of us are actors. They say 90% of a shows success is its cast. Our cast did great as all of us are immersed into the arts but not as actors (models, rappers/singers, strong personalities, etc).

9: No budget/grant – everyone funded it – the videos aren’t monetized – no credits – we all spent years acquiring or developing our crafts though.

8: We had no storyline – ep to ep – improv 246. Worked for us and against us but imagine writing a book and filming it at the same time as writing it. That's kinda how we approached it.

7: Storyline changes due to schedules. When a concpets was fleshed out for a scene, if someone didn't make the shoot we'd have to alter the story/scene - this happened a lot.

6: Public callout cast was uncast – IMDB is mehhhhh – I couldn’t have cast our cast traditionally, it was all in-house and we started to attract people after ep.2 or 3. vs having to cast again and again.

5: Yes all the guns are fake. Buying and handling them is similar to real guns. Must be locked in a case when travelling, must have a big red dot on the gun if shooting outside (so cops see it and know you're filming something) - I spent over $1000 on three replicas, by the time the show ended many of the cast bought their own guns - the last episode had at least $2500-$3000 worth of replicas in it.

4: It’s not based on a true story – HOWEVER - Many of us incorporate our real lives to bring it to life (ranko and sage are artists in real life, eman does masonry/stonework, I really do media/own a studio, Pegah really does kill people, no just kidding, but yes we all pulled certain things from our own lives for our characters.

3: No characters: I asked everyone what they wanted to be in the show, so they can focus on whatever they want to expand on - including coming up with their names for the show. Pushing the envelope – Natalia and pegah pushed boundaries by design. This worked out really well actually. Both wanted to get away from the pretty girl model bad bitch role and get into crazy, assassin, gangsta girls so they can step out of beauty pageant mode and into actual acting roles.

2: We’re turning this into a movie – you might just see it in the film festivals in the future

1: All our own music, scoring, effects, songs, backgrounds, theme song, foley etc.

Feel free to have a peak, critique, enjoy - we do our biggest robbery in this one and 6 or so people die, and there is a happy ending for the season.

Thanks for checking this out :).

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