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25 Jan 2021
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My 600 grams of happiness 13 Dec 2015 14:06 #71407

Documentary series "My 600 grams of happiness" which in September will settle on TVP2(polish TV), this cycle of hope and love. The struggle with doubt, devotion, determination, friendship and human solidarity in the most difficult moments. The creators also want to break the stereotypes that have grown up around the topic of prematurity, raise awareness and prove that even premature infant born at 24 weeks gestation has a chance at life.

Within the 40-minute episodes we will know the fate of the families are taken care of neonatology staff. The camera will be accompanied from the very beginning, from the meeting with the doctor-specialist, through childbirth and stay in intensive care until leaving hospital and the first weeks of family life outside the branch.

The director of the series is Aneta Kopacz, who was nominated for an Oscar for the film "Joanna".
The music was composed by Jan AP Kaczmarek, winner of the Oscar for the film "Finding Neverland," directed by Marc Forster.

-40 episodes, each 38 minutes.
-4 sets of Final Cut Pro X
-start assembly 07.15.2015, end 10.28.2015
-every other day made 1 episode of the series
-over 400 hours of footage
-21560 clips/9TB
-2 film crews


Official page:

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My 600 grams of happiness 17 Jan 2016 21:29 #72308



Beautiful trailers. Wonderful topic.

One of our 5 kids was born a month early, and spent some time in incubators. It's a valuable subject, and I admire your project.

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