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25 Jan 2021
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Travel series "Nomadic" edited with FCPX 03 Nov 2015 19:28 #70196

A stylistic short-form travel video. Episode one travels to Montreal, Canada.


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Travel series "Nomadic" edited with FCPX 04 Nov 2015 23:36 #70238


Alright. Whatever a stylistic short form travel video is supposed to be.

Who is supposed to be interested or pay this any notice? Why make it?

You'll maybe consider pardoning my slight brusqueness,
but as you can see everyone keeps their mouth shut regarding frank opinions here.

While the quality of your shots was nice, I do not see any point in the whole of it,
and there is no relevance to the disfigured Trudeau posters - it just seems fatuous.

You planning to go from city to city,
making an advertisement for technologically effete anarchism... or something?


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