Apple has published updates to the Pro Video apps today. Final Cut Pro, Motion and Compressor get new features, iMovie for the Mac gets an update too. There's also an update of Pro Video Formats to 2.2.3.

We have seen Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 from the demo videos that featured the new Mac Studio, but the update is available today!

All the Pro Video apps have been tweaked for Apple Silicon optimisation and the Mac Studio. Also for the first time, they have all been localised for Korean.

Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

Dupe Detection & Voice Isolator - (Previewed with the Mac Studio)

Waveform drawing speed fix - Faster redraws after blading a clip.

List of all new features & bugfixes

  • Quickly locate media that appears more than once in a project using highlighted clip ranges or the Timeline Index.
  • Improve the clarity of speech by adjusting the level of background noise using machine learning (Requires macOS Monterey 12.3 or later).
  • Optimized playback and graphics performance for M1 Max and M1 Ultra on the new Mac Studio.
  • Import Magic Movie and Storyboard projects created with iMovie for iOS version 3.0 into the timeline.
  • Adds Korean language support.
  • Final Cut Pro 10.6.2 also includes these additional fixes and enhancements:
  • Attach titles and graphics to existing tracker data in the Tracker Options on-screen-control.
  • Choose either pin to tracker or offset from tracker in the Tracker Options on-screen-control.
  • Tracking Editor automatically displays in the timeline when performing an object track.
  • Items attached to a tracked object can be scaled in X and Y sizes uniformly.
  • Improves reliability when using the Object Tracker with clips that don’t match the project’s frame rate.
  • Improves reliability when using the Object Tracker in connected storylines.
  • Improves reliability when using Send to Compressor with a compound clip that contains Object Tracker data.
  • Improves functionality when selecting photos and videos with the Photos browser.
  • Improves functionality when dragging photos and videos from the Photos app directly into Final Cut Pro.
  • Improves performance when drawing waveforms.
  • Improves reliability when playing audio from a clip that is reversed in the timeline.
  • Fixes an issue where video scopes would sometimes appear monochrome.
  • Improves reliability when removing effects from retimed clips.
  • Fixes an issue where opening a compound or multicam clip in a connected storyline would sometimes display an empty timeline.
  • Fixes an issue where opening a project after modifying its starting timecode would sometimes display an empty timeline.
  • Improves reliability when using the keyboard to navigate to captions attached to a secondary storyline.
  • Includes an alpha channel when exporting a PNG file from the timeline.


Motion 5.6.1

New Slice Scale filter - more information as we get it!

  • Fixes an issue in which the reconnect media window might be unresponsive.
  • Fixes an issue in which sharing media could cause banding.
  • Adds a Scale Mode menu to choose a scaling method when using a match move behavior.
  • Improves playback and share performance when working with 3D Objects on Mac computers with Apple silicon.

Compressor 4.6.1

  • View a video’s transparency (requires macOS Monterey 12.3 or later), the aspect ratio of an output, and modified source media properties in the preview viewer.
  • Rotate and flip video files using new video properties in a setting.
  • Optimized transcoding performance for M1 Max and M1 Ultra on the new Mac Studio.
  • Adds Korean language support.
  • Compressor 4.6.1 also includes these fixes and enhancements:
  • Adds the ability to drag and drop media from the Photos app.
  • Adds the ability to encode files to HEVC 10 Bit 4:2:2 on Mac computers with Apple silicon running macOS Monterey 12.3 or later.
  • Fixes an issue where an alias would not trigger a transcode with a Watch Folder.
  • Adds an HEVC HTTPS Live Streaming destination with updated resolutions and bit rates.
  • Adds a new automatic bit rate preset for HTTPS Live Streaming in the video settings inspector.
  • Fixes an issue in which selecting a Final Cut Pro project with a Generator in the batch window may not work as expected.
  • Fixes an issue where creating a new job from a selected output may fail.
  • Adds a warning when system settings may prevent jobs from being submitted.

Ability to rotate & flip video on settings on output (for processing mobile phone footage).

iMovie 10.3.2

Import Magic Move & Storyboard features into Mac version. 

Pro Video Formats 2.2.3



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The Future

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DmitriZigany's Avatar
DmitriZigany replied the topic: #119948 12 Apr 2022 17:07
Gah! The only update that shows up for me is Motion 5.6.1. Is there a way to force App Store to reload/re-check for updates?
EDIT: Yes! FCP 10..6.2 appeared now, that was the important one, been needing the Voice Isolation for my current project, and it seems to be working great!
Now just waiting for Compressor to make itself available for download... also no pro codec updates so far!
EDIT2: Now the Compressor and Pro Codec updates turned up as well! 
dmetz's Avatar
dmetz replied the topic: #119950 12 Apr 2022 17:32
Got FCP, Motion, and Compressor... still no Pro Video Formats though.  [EDIT: PVF just popped up]

ColorFinale on M1 is apparently broken with this update (got an email from them as I was installing), but they're working on it.
Oliver Peters's Avatar
Oliver Peters replied the topic: #119952 12 Apr 2022 17:51
I believe that CF2 is broken on M1 machines, not Intels. The dialogue isolation feature requires Monterey OS. There's also a Pixelmator Pro update, if you use that.
drewboyd's Avatar
drewboyd replied the topic: #119954 12 Apr 2022 18:34
Cutting a narrative pilot on FCPX, far enough along and with enough backup/redundancy across machines that I upgraded to see how VI works.

I've gone through the project and compared Voice Isolation against Isotope RX on some troublesome lav, boom and button mics.

Voice Isolation works astonishingly well. In most instances it sounds better than the venerated RX Voice De-Noise.

So much so that if it were not for RX De-Reverb, De-Ess, and De-Plosive, I'd do away with iZotope altogether.
VTC's Avatar
VTC replied the topic: #119956 12 Apr 2022 18:42

ColorFinale on M1 is apparently broken...

I'm having CF problems (vers 1.6, 1.8, 2.2) on ALL my FCPX (various vers) machines over here and trying to noodle things out. All Intel and no M1s... yet. (Closed to being completely stumped on this one.)
Oliver Peters's Avatar
Oliver Peters replied the topic: #119958 12 Apr 2022 19:09
Out of curiosity, what did the Pro Formats update add? Or was this simply required to enable the Voice Isolation?
dmetz's Avatar
dmetz replied the topic: #119961 12 Apr 2022 20:50
Here's what I found at Root / Library / Apple / System / Library / Receipts... no info yet on what changed in those bundles, but they've all been touched.  Also found AES3Audio.component also updated.
ubernaut's Avatar
ubernaut replied the topic: #119962 12 Apr 2022 20:53
anyone know if the export/caching/title issue on M1Max was fixed with this update yet?
dmetz's Avatar
dmetz replied the topic: #119963 12 Apr 2022 21:06

anyone know if the export/caching/title issue on M1Max was fixed with this update yet?

Not sure I'm familiar with this one.  How do you trigger it?
sconnor99's Avatar
sconnor99 replied the topic: #119971 12 Apr 2022 23:08
Wow - "Voice Isolate" is amazing!!
VTC's Avatar
VTC replied the topic: #119977 13 Apr 2022 04:29
Not exactly the vid I was looking for but it shows how you can dial out the specific freqs that dog pile on and compete with those of the human voice. Not so much handy when you have but one audio track but with additional music or SFx tracks it makes a considerable difference.

petersxs's Avatar
petersxs replied the topic: #119987 13 Apr 2022 18:30
much more lag here, on intel macpro 12 core , spacebar play/ stop lag, broke a lot in command post , the guys are very fast !, respect !, but still a lot is much slower. 10.6.2 slows down working speed for me . thinking about going back, speed is more important than dupe detection.  
i'm on latest big sur.    i think  11.6.5. 
VTC's Avatar
VTC replied the topic: #120003 13 Apr 2022 22:52

...spacebar play/ stop lag, broke a lot in command post...
Mystified why my spacebar play was so disruptive on playback until I quit Command Post and then FCP went back to normal. This behavior plagued me BEFORE the update so there's been a heavy CP foot stepping on my dress hemline for a while now.
Carsten Orlt's Avatar
Carsten Orlt replied the topic: #120013 14 Apr 2022 01:57
Can't update yet because of plugins but can anybody confirm that Dupe Detection in FCP doesn't work on retimed clips?
DaveM's Avatar
DaveM replied the topic: #120015 14 Apr 2022 03:15

Can't update yet because of plugins but can anybody confirm that Dupe Detection in FCP doesn't work on retimed clips?

Out of curiosity, which plugins (if you don't mind sharing)?

Carsten Orlt's Avatar
Carsten Orlt replied the topic: #120016 14 Apr 2022 03:42
ColorFinale2. But they know it and working on a fix. 
RGPphotog's Avatar
RGPphotog replied the topic: #120028 14 Apr 2022 15:16
On all 3 of my Macs there was a "Pro Video Formats 2.2.3" software update available after updating FCP to 10.6.2. However this seems to be an old update


All my Macs are on the current version of Monterey.
dmetz's Avatar
dmetz replied the topic: #120029 14 Apr 2022 15:35
It appears to be an old update due to the date at the bottom of the KB article, but if you download the package, it is current - everything in there has a creation date of 3/30/22 or 4/6/22.

I think the KB article was copy/pasted from the previous update, and they didn't update the date at the bottom.
pixelkisser's Avatar
pixelkisser replied the topic: #120032 14 Apr 2022 20:35
As someone who reluctantly has to edit on Premiere instead of FCP X for chunks of my work there are actually a couple of things I wish this or a recent update had included where I think Adobe is ahead of Apple. This comes with the caveat that of course it makes a big difference in what kind of content you're editing, but....

1) Transcriptions and captions
The auto-transcribe and caption generation in Premiere is SOOO incredibly useful and powerful, I think Apple is quite behind in this regard. Social media video is huge, captions are everywhere. Even that aside, being able to transcribe an interview and find a segment that a producer has given you the wrong timecode for (which is far more often than you'd think) without recourse to third party software is something FCP X could hugely benefit from. Surely with a technology like Siri it should be fairly easy for Apple to implement? Not to mention being able to import and export scripts and captions tracks in multiple formats for subbing, correction, etc.

2) Edit / Cut detection
I appreciate this might be quite specialist but if you're working with video files that are not rushes, ie. pre-compiled sources lke news agency packages etc, Premiere's auto-splicing of video into separate clips is super useful and powerful. I know there are 3rd party apps for FCP X that do this, I have tried them (it?), I found it slow and unwieldy and hence not very useful.

On the flip side.....

3) I totally love the new motion tracking speed and power. Amazing for those text effects with text / astons tracking moving subjects or working with camera moves. I have only used it in anger on one film yet with footage from a bike race and in some cases it feels almost 'too sensitive', or too good(!), but it's super-powerful. Unleash this machine learning AI power on speech and captions please Apple!
WillRogersFAN's Avatar
WillRogersFAN replied the topic: #120073 18 Apr 2022 15:04
I have to ditto this comment.  We are still using (expensive) 3rd party applications to deliver shows for television.  Most PBS stations use old(er) playback servers that are setup for MXF files, etc and a lot of us have to deliver to these stations.  I hope that Apple allows us to caption our MXF files at some point in time.  We are also paying for a captioning service and would love to be able to only use Apple products by having FCPX start the initial pass caption for us.  Even if we have to go in and correct mistakes that the AI introduced it would be amazing to stay within FCPX.
dmetz's Avatar
dmetz replied the topic: #120074 18 Apr 2022 15:11
Built-in captioning would be nice, for sure. I've been using SimonSays, which has been pretty dang good and really inexpensive.
fabiofsnogueira's Avatar
fabiofsnogueira replied the topic: #120144 21 Apr 2022 23:04
I was having problems with the playback in 2x. It was taking a second before I could hear the sound I was playing. I found out that if I remove the voice isolation it solves the problem.

Now I do all my edits and then I apply the Voice Isolation.

Hope this helps someone.