New MacBook Pros, Final Cut Pro updates and Apple staff on a podcast! Doesn't happen often, worth a watch.

Updates all round this week, Blackmagic has announced the release of DaVinci Resolve 17.4.

Oliver Peters talks to Knut Hake, the editor of the Netflix film Blood Red Sky that was edited on Final Cut Pro.

The iPhone camera app now supports 4 flavours of Apple's ProRes codec on the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max.

As it says on the tin, Lee Herbet and PhotoJosph had a chat on Wednesday about cameras, tech, life and HDR. But maybe not in that order!

FMC has announced that actor and producer Vince Vaughn will give a presentation at the 2021 FCP Global Summit.

Taylor Arndt is a tech blogger and a Final Cut Pro editor, the video posted is an edit from a recent livestream.

We take a further exploration into the video possibilities of the new iPhone 13. ProRes RAW? Sidecar depth info?

Today at the Apple event, we got to see the new iPhone 13, with new features that will certainly appeal to filmmakers and mobile creators. Yes, Final Cut Pro and iMovie will be able to refocus movies recorded on an iPhone 13 Pro!

This is rather excellent, we will never look another Netflix series the same way!

Today Future Media Conferences officially announced the seventh FCP Global Summit which will take place online in November 2021.

Want to know more about ProRes and ProRes RAW? This first video in a new series from Atomos is well worth a watch.

Adobe has announced it is to acquire Frame.io, the cloud based video collaboration platform.