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Apple's new version of OS X has been released. Should you install it straight away? Or wait for any possible bugs to be fixed and third party developers to update their software. Is there also a hint on future collaboration possibilities?

macOS Sierra (10.12) is available to download now from the Mac App Store, it is a free update. Things have changed from when we bought family packs of the latest Apple OS we had seen Steve demoing a month before.

The main feature update is the inclusion of Siri, so it will be interesting to see if any editing functions can be automated by just talking to your Mac! If you would like a good rundown of all the new features, then read this excellent Ars Technica review.

One interesting note from that article is that earlier Mac models than specified by Apple will accept Sierra. There are not the hardware limiting problems from before.

We are also intrigued to find out how snapshots and clones will work with FCPX Libraries. Could this be the first hint of a collaborative workflow starting? We would love to hear from any folk who are willing to brave an update to try all the permutations of snapshots & clones once the functions appear properly in Sierra. Read only Libraries anybody?

Back to the temptation to install and we have a few cautionary words for you.

Backup. before doing anything, backup. It is really not worth risking the pain of having to reinstall everything. Not even to mention losing photos, videos and other irreplaceable files.

Although we know Final Cut Pro X works fine with Sierra, it is the the third party plugins and apps that might not be compatible. We got caught out by a simple SxS card reader driver not working with a previous update. So make a list of all the software you need to work with Sierra and then go looking for new drivers from the developers before you update. Keep the list handy for the next OS increment!

It has been noticed on our FCPX forum that Sierra brings back the dreaded 'lines on the timecode reader' problem from the first El Capitan version.



Please use the pinned forum post to add your discoveries of what works and what doesn't work. There is already a problem with audio unit plugins noted.

And of course finally the most obvious statement is do not do the update mid-project!!!



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