We have overlooked many instances of new clapperboard iPad apps being released as there's a lot of them out there. QRSlate is slightly different as it tags the footage with a QR code for automatic recognition and logging info matching later. Clever.

The process is simple. Use the QRSlate app to ident your footage, the QR code comes up right after the normal clapperboard simulation. Then the Mac desktop app recognises the code and marries it up with the iPad or iPhone data such as take numbers or markers. Then use the app to export XML to load everything into well organised FCP or Avid bins.

We have seen something like this before on the Sony XMPILOT iPad app, but that only works with XDCAM. This combination of apps will work with any camera footage you can get into FCP7. Ah, seven, but the authors promise they are working on an update for Final Cut Pro X.

Download the $1.99 QRSLate mobile app for iPad and for iPhone.
Download the $38.99 QRSlate Desktop Importer for Mac OS X 10.6 and above.


What a brilliant idea and also one of the first decent uses of QR codes that we have seen implemented. We can see this being a huge time saver and the $40 for both apps would soon be recovered in shorter logging times before editing. Not too sure if this is a good idea for multicam work unless you could have multiple iPads and network them together.

"Shoot your project using QR Slate the same way you’d shoot with any other slate: Hold it up and record it. Make sure the camera can see it!

When you’re finished, import the footage to your computer like usual. Drag and drop the movie files into the QR Slate desktop application. The Desktop App will analyze your video, find the slates within the movies themselves, and then import the footage into Final Cut Pro 7 and Avid with the included metadata!

But what if you’ve already slated the take, you’re rolling, and need to revise it? Or there’s a take you really like and want to mark it for later? You couldn’t have known that before the roll!

The Script Supervisor / Take Organizer lets you revise, modify, and delete takes on set. You can change any available field and get everything clean and organized before passing it off to editorial. All those preciously helpful script supervisor notes will no longer by thrown in a drawer next to the sound report ever again!

During the roll, you can also drop Markers. Markers can be named and commented on, and will appear in your clip when imported into the NLE, right where you added them during the shoot! A powerful tool for long single takes on things like reality tv or documentary.

When you’re finished with the shoot, you can email yourself an updater file, drop it in with the footage, and your media will be automatically updated with the most recent metadata!"

Greyfade Media, the author of the apps have also published this tutorial on using the desktop app to export an XML into Final Cut Pro.

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