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Wow! Showering us with a veritable confetti of new products at NAB, Blackmagic Design have dipped into their top hat of tricks 14 times (at the latest count) this Monday. Now there's far too much even for us news-and-product-hungry fiends at fcp.co towers, so we're going to give you a brief round up of the six products that most interest FCP users.

1) So first up is DaVinci Resolve Lite. Now it doesn't incude all of the features of Resolve, but its still worth getting interested in because it does include a lot of great stuff, and its free. Yes, we love that little word, and working with software that can still accept high resolution source footage in 2K and 4K from the latest digital cameras from RED and ARRI. This is one powerful toolset that promotes the art of color correction.

Worth noting that the big Resolve can now work on an iMac. Resolve Extras include: Stereoscopic 3D features, noise reduction, power mastering, remote grading and sharing projects with an external database server.


2) Now this is a nifty piece of kit and cheap at only US$395. It's UltraStudio SDI, the world's smallest and most affordable SDI capture and playback solution with HDMI monitoring for USB 3.0 computers. It includes SDI capture and playback, as well as a built in HDMI 1.4 output for low cost local monitoring using a low cost television as a broadcast monitor. It powers from the USB 3.0 connection so it is an extremely easy to install and very portable solution.


3) And what could be better than that? How about the same gadget adapted for 3D and incorporating Thunderbolt? UltraStudio 3D features full resolution dual stream 3D support, 12 bit hardware architecture, dual link 3 Gb/s SDI, support for up to 1080p60 in SDI and component analog and HDMI 1.4a connections, as well as full SD, HD and 2K support. All this for only US$995.


4) These guys really have been thinking about the whole bundle. So now the tricky business of file transfer. Why be complicated when you can make it easy by buying a HyperDeck Shuttle for US$395? This gizmo is small, and battery powered so it's perfect as a field recorder, and bypasses the camera's compression and records from SDI and HDMI directly into the highest quality uncompressed video. SSDs are cheap and fast, so customers can edit directly from the SSD media itself simply by plugging the SSD into an eSATA dock. This eliminates time wasting file copying. Now you've got to love that.


5) And there's more stuff. The HyperDeck Studio, a new uncompressed 10 bit broadcast recorder for Solid State Disks that features dual slots to allow automatic recording onto the next disk when one record disk fills, allowing unlimited duration recording. It's easy to use and combined with the highest quality uncompressed video recording and playback is the broadcast deck for the 21st century. HyperDeck Studio retails for only US$995.


6) And last but not least is this great little upgrade. All you Blackmagic fans know about Media Express, well the latest update - Media Express 3 adds support for advanced 3D workflows with DPX , QuickTime and AVI files, clip bins, more metadata, realtime capture and playback up to 4K resolutions and a visually stunning new user interface. Media Express is free for all Blackmagic Design customers and will be available in June for download from the Blackmagic Design web site.

You might need this if Apple remove the Log & Capture functionality from FCP8 tomorrow!

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