The war between portable LCD recorders broke out a few weeks ago. Cinedeck have joined the fight with their new model which offers Avid DNxHD, CineForm and Apple ProRes recording as well as 3D options. Find out all the tech spec for EXTREME after the break and where you can find it at NAB.

Here's the press release:

Cinedeck LLC To Showcase Enhanced Camera-to-Post Unified Workflows Optimized for Avid, Final Cut Pro; Unveils Innovative Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D Capture, Playback at NAB 2011

New York, NY (April 11, 2011) -- Cinedeck LLC (www.cinedeck.com) today announced it will showcase Cinedeck EXTREME v2.0, highlighting full support for Avid DNxHD, CineForm and Apple ProRes in a seamless camera-to-post workflow environment, at NAB 2011 in Las Vegas this week. Executives from Cinedeck will be available in their booth #SL12116 to share a number of significant, customer-driven developments. Cinedeck NAB 2011 news highlights include:

Cinedeck announced today it will unveil the Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D capture and playback. The Cinedeck Stereo Option adds dual camera monitoring, capture, and playback to the award-winning Cinedeck EXTREME, delivering highly mobile stereoscopic 3D capabilities to production crews of all sizes. Now cinematographers will have the most convenient 3D capture and playback visualization tool available on set - complete with full HD-SDI or HDMI monitoring, eliminating the need for redundant equipment. Cinedeck EXTREME’s new Stereo Option is built on CineForm’s award-winning Neo 3D and First Light stereoscopic production technology.

Cinedeck and Silicon Imaging also announced a new collaboration between the two companies in which Cinedeck is now delivering SI-2K 12-bit RAW 2K or HD Uncompressed and CineForm recording, 3D-LUT Color Processing with dual SDI monitoring on the Cinedeck EXTREME.

Working in close collaboration with ARRI, Cinedeck announced today it is working with the development team at ARRI to ensure comprehensive support for the ARRIRAW™ format, and to achieve formal certification as part of their Partner Program. ARRIRAW certification will be announced upon full completion of the certification process.

Cinedeck EXTREME will be on display for demonstration throughout the NAB 2011 convention, with demo units presented in multiple partner booths, including:

  • Cinedeck Booth #SL12116: demonstrated with Sony F23, Panasonic AG-3DA1
  • Sony Booth #C11001: featured with the Sony FS100 NXCAM
  • Hitachi Kokusai Booth # C4309: featured with the Hitachi SK-HD200
  • CineForm Booth #SL6929: featuring the Cinedeck Stereo 3D Option
  • Abel Cine Tech Booth #C8932: with the Phantom Flex
  • The Studio - B&H Booth #C10418: with the Sony PMW F3
  • Element Technica Booth #C12626: featured with the HydroFlex housing system

“Since we debuted to the NAB crowd this time last year, we’ve been humbled by the enthusiastic, passionate response of our users, including some of the industry’s most respected filmmakers, cinematographers, like Danny Boyle, Sam Nicholson and JR Friesen. We listened carefully to their requirements; the details that would make Cinedeck EXTREME even more valuable to their pipeline,” said Alan Hoff, CEO of Cinedeck. “We’re here at NAB 2011 with a host of new developments that deliver the kind of workflow efficiencies our customers are craving. Seamless camera-to-post workflows with Avid DNxHD and full Apple ProRes support; an amazing stereo 3D option built on proven CineForm technology, new collaboration with Silicon Imaging that delivers unprecedented 12-bit RAW recording. There’s a lot to be excited about with Cinedeck at NAB 2011!”

Cinedeck EXTREME in 3D; How the Stereo 3D Option Works

Available immediately as a new option, Cinedeck is adding a powerful, innovative real-time stereo 3D monitor, record and playback feature built on the award-winning CineForm Neo 3D and First Light technologies.

The enabling technology for Cinedeck EXTREME’s 3D option is a CineForm stereo MOV file that contains temporarily synchronized left and right eyes, each at full quality 1920x1080 HD spatial resolutions. In 3D presentation mode, both left and right eyes are blended into a single 1920x1080 HD frame size and the resulting HD frame is instantly displayed on the Cinedeck EXTREME as side-by-side, over-under, or interlaced per the format necessary for the display.  Additionally, customers will have the ability to adjust convergence – horizontal, vertical, or rotational - dynamically during editorial using 3D Active MetadataTM controls inherent in CineForm’s First Light 3D, a technique which simplifies and reduces costs associated with a 3D conform. CineForm’s 3D Active Metadata also allows for real-time color correction on both eyes simultaneously, or on individual eyes to adjust for color variations that may be caused during the recording process. This new development will transform the stereo 3D production workflow for Cinedeck EXTREME.

Cinedeck EXTREME: Unifying Workflow Tool for International ESPN Short Documentary

This February Evolve IMG Films went to Brazil to shoot a short documentary TV feature for ESPN's E:60 (www.e60.com). E:60's story is on Bruno Fernandes de Souza, a Brazilian Soccer Star accused of murder,. The production creative called for shooting in very dangerous military occupied favela's (slums), fully staged re-enactment scenes, helicopter scenics, and extensive interviews conducted in the Brazilian cities of Rio de Janiero, Belo Horizonte & Campo Grande.

"It was the most aggressive international production we've ever been a part of. When you take on a story like this, you gotta do it right. You have to have the right equipment, period." Joel Edwards, DP / Technical Director Evolve IMG Films. "We used the Cinedeck EXTREME this year at the Super Bowl, and really fell in love with what it can do. Cinedeck was a consistent game changer for us in Brazil. We had a lot going on, and in every different scenario the Cinedeck Extreme helped us do our job quicker and better.”

 "Every situation we were in, Cinedeck has workflow improving options; Master record, dual secondary record, monitor, every I/O connection and computer & edit ready. We love that we can name and number project clip names right off the screen - it's make dailies and post production so much quicker to have everything organized, in the proper file folder structure, instantly available in our editing codecs - as soon as it's dumped."

"Cinedeck EXTREME is a one of a kind product, I don't know of anything else on the market that can do what Cinedeck does. The codec support and record master quality is top of the line. The more we use it - the more we can't live without it. Hands down, it is the most versatile tool in the box.”

NAB 2011 Special Show Pricing

 Beginning Monday, April 11, 2011, customers can take advantage of NAB 2011 special show pricing discounts. Effective immediately, Cinedeck EXTREME is priced as follows:

  • Cinedeck EXTREME HiBrite: $8,990 US (a $2,000 savings);
  • Cinedeck EXTREME : $8,495 US (a $1,500 savings);
  • Cinedeck Stereo Option for 3D: $995 US;
  • Cinedeck SI-2K Camera Option: $3495 US;
  • Cinedeck FullStream Uncompressed™ Option: $3495 US (includes a 256GB RAID SSD)
  • Cinedeck ExSync™ Timecode Module: $895 US

For more information on Cinedeck EXTREME v2.0, please visitwww.cinedeck.com.

Cinedeck LLC Extends Partnership with Silicon Imaging to Deliver SI-2K Uncompressed Recording with HD-SDI Monitoring at NAB 2011

New York, NY (April 11, 2011) -- Cinedeck LLC (www.cinedeck.com) today announced it has partnered with Silicon Imaging to deliver SI-2K;12-Bit RAW 2K or HD Uncompressed and CineForm recording, 3D-LUT color processing and dual-SDI monitoring on its Cinedeck EXTREME ultra-portable cinema grade monitoring, recording and playback device. Now, everyone on-set can easily see the SI-2K camera footage, with the directors intended look, directly from the recorder or remotely via Wireless HD-SDI Monitoring equipment.

"The Cinedeck EXTREME is an amazingly compact, powerful and feature rich platform,” said Ari Presler, CEO Silicon Imaging. “The Cinedeck and SI-2K were used to shoot Danny Boyle’s Academy Award nominated feature, ‘127 Hours.’  The combination enabled acquisition of compelling and immersive content in some of the most demanding shooting and environments including handheld, body worn, aerial and Steadicam operation in desert sun and blowing sand.”

The SI-2K Mini CMOS camera, produces digital cinema imagery at up to 2048 x 1152 resolution, 11-Stops of dynamic range and has its interchangeable lens mount for use with PL, B4 and C-mount optics. Unlike modern HD cameras, which develop and compress colorized imagery inside the camera, the SI-2K streams uncompressed raw “digital negatives” to the Cinedeck over a gigabit ethernet connection, up to 100 feet away. The Cinedeck EXTREME then simultaneously develops the digital negatives and 3D-LUT “look” color metadata for display on its built-in Hi-Brite 7” LCD Touchscreen, converted to YUV for SDI output and recorded in Quicktime to 2.5” removable SATA SSD.  The files can be immediately edited and graded with Final Cut, Avid, Adobe, IRIDAS, CineForm, Quantel, Digital Vision, DVS Clipster, Davinci and SGO.

“Silicon Imaging continues to innovate with its SI-2K and SI-3D stereo camera systems and delivers compelling solutions for Hollywood and TV production,” added Alan Hoff, CEO of Cinedeck. “This integration shows the versatility of the Cinedeck products to be used with a diverse range of HD and RAW cameras in extreme environments.”

Cinedeck EXTREME in a Nutshell

Cinedeck EXTREME, now shipping in version 2.0, is leading the industry as the first DDR to:

  • Deliver a camera-mountable recording, monitoring and playback device
  • Enable uncompressed 444 HD recording to a RAID SSD
  • Enable uncompressed 422 HD recording to a RAID SSD
  • Support Avid DNxHD recording via software encoding
  • Support Apple ProRes recording via software encoding
  • Feature a choice of all industry post-centric codecs: ProRes/DNxHD/CineForm

In addition to the newly announced SI-2K 12-bit RAW and HD uncompressed capability, Cinedeck has made a number of additional announcements at NAB 2011 that showcase the extensibility of Cinedeck EXTREME even further for customers. The newly announced Cinedeck Stereo Option, FullStream Uncompressed Option and multiple new features such as the ExSync time code module, underscore the extensibility and flexibility of Cinedeck EXTREME. This combination of industry-unique features, capabilities, robust format support in a small, versatile and rugged package is influencing the decision-making process for filmmakers, cinematographers and production crews, enabling them to design 2D and 3D camera-to-post workflow solutions that enhance the entire production experience.

The Cinedeck SI-2K Camera Option is available immediately and is priced at $3,495 US.

About Silicon Imaging

Silicon Imaging, Inc. is the leader in IT-Centric Digital Cinema cameras, Stereo 3D recording and RAW workflow solutions. Silicon Imaging is enabling cinematographers and television productions the ability to shoot film-like content with greater latitude, superior color management and more efficient workflows. The Silicon imaging cameras were first used for the ground breaking digital shooting for the 8-time Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire, which included Best Picture and Best Cinematography. Visit us on the web: www.si-2k.com.

About Cinedeck LLC

Founded by cinematographers in the heart of New York City, Cinedeck is redefining mobile, digital cinematography by delivering the industry’s first extremely portable, affordable camera-mountable cinema-grade recording and monitoring device, Cinedeck EXTREME. Cinedeck has been honored with the “2010 TV Technology STAR Award”, the “2010 Vidy Award,” And DV Magazine’s “Award of Excellence.” For more information, please visitThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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