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25 Jan 2021
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PiP - highlight with a pic-in-pic 27 May 2018 08:43 #95687

// DL, un-zip, drag folder into ~/Movies/Motion Templates/ Effects //

This was a tricky one to made… :)
Using a rarely to see OnScreenController/OSC, Kaleidotile…
But watch the demo first:

When you apply PiP to your clip, you’ll notice two OSCs in the Preview window:

The dotty-one moves the ‘target’ box, the grayish rectangle selects the source area you like to highlight.

The aspect-ratio of source and target are of course identical… just use&drag the handles of the selector; to move it, click&drag into the grey inside.…

You can select a color for the frame and its width.
Finally, you can scale the box with the slider…
The effect will dissolve in/out … if you need it in the 'middle's some clip, just blade that portion…

That’s all, free to use, if you customize this plugin, please share here.

Enjoy Movie Making

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