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25 Jan 2021
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Simon's (and Andrew's) RAIN effect 15 Mar 2017 19:58 #86531

it started here, with never-running-out-of-ideas Andrew Kramer's tutorial, to create realistic Rain On Glass in After Effects.

then, Motion Mastermind F. Mahoney almost unnoticed published his Motion-based plugin …

now, Simon Ubsdell published one of his matchless tut (under an hour! a quickie ;) )

… and, following advice slavishly step-by-step (Simon, you lost me when you applied a dirty window, out of focus, for 'realism' …) I started to convert his project into a three-controls effect plugin...

not quiet done yet, but reduced to:
• control the amount of rain (which effects size of drops&drips)
• control of speed of drips (Simon's original is a bit too fast for my taste)
• control of focus plane with a slider = keyframe it for focus-pulls ...

But, …
a ) I haven't asked Simon yet if he's fine, I translate his project into a plugin (again)
b ) Fox' sells his plugin … ok, doesn't finance his next stadium-tour, but …

What would you ? :blush:

PS: the original version of Simon's project brings my brave MacMini to a complete halt, 0 FPS … LOL

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Simon's (and Andrew's) RAIN effect 16 Mar 2017 10:32 #86555

so, basically results are promising. Watch the Focus slider working/adjusting focus plane…
Have to decide: DeFocus or Gaussian, realistic with Bokeh or 'just blurred' - difference are 20min in rendering time LOL

and, btw: Simon replied me very friendly and encouraging … hmmm, decisions, decisions.…?

click on the YT button to watch it fullscreen

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