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25 Jan 2021
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Don't know how to track with TrackX ... 01 Jul 2015 16:44 #66104

to start with what I like to accomplish (just a bit better) is :

That's the well-known 'Talking Tomatoe/-Orange'-effect, or what Conan O'Brian did for a while, talking portraits.
What you see in myYT-video is done in Motion WITH Motion's own tracker ...

The tracking points were the nostrils <eeks> of the guy, who, in real life, never laughs, Mr 110% in-control ... as you notice, 2-3x times the tracker lost track, could be fixed manually.

The insert group is a recording of an actor, a glued mustache and music from a very old pop-song, concerning Greece .... I masked the mouth and the mustache, soft border, some color correction - for a test that was a hit!

.......... since the NAB-discount offer from coremelt, I'm proud owner of TrackX and SliceX.
Since then I'm wrestling with in understanding what to do when. And why:

The Motion Tracker is just a tiny point; the Manual recommends high contrasts = nostrills.

Now, in TrackX-layer I'm asked to 'paint' a whole area for tracking - hm? He has deep wrinkles - should I draw my tracker-mask ON that wrinkle? Or aside? Should the tracking area been bigger than the later applied clip? Or smaller? Or same size? Could/Should I track the whole head?

#1 was my hand-drawn tracking area.

When you do step#2/Surface, that test-chart appears - much bigger than the tracker from!

Now, I should drop my replacement into the well:
The whole frame appears! That's wrong! pic #3
but the scale X and scale Y from coremelt, offer only 200% max - which is, in my case, not enough. (no, pushing the numbers with the mouse has no effect, it ramps a 200%).

So, I made my an interim blow-up, which fills the tracked area; this interim version is not 16:9, but fills the TrackX screen nicely.

For unknown reasons, the tracked area 'tilts', which leads to funny faces, #4

And finally; masking in TrackX is a bit tricky... 'the blur mask' does blur all content, not just the outside...

just to summarize, correct me when I'm wrong:
No need to track the final area; you can track bigger(?) or smaller. The tracking mask does NOT mask the content.... (correct up to now?)

What is a good tracking point/area for TrackX? Any reason to be precise?

Finally: the insert - 16:9? Than the zoom-factor has to be bigger than just 2x times.
Or a 'done', pre-produced 'stamp', with nice soft borders, and with the same form factor as the tracking-area?? (Lucky me, we recording 4k - allows a monster-zoom in post! LOL


The many examples of coremelt - my testing rebuilts worked with my material superb! - are based upon rectangles - what if I don't have rectangles?

... or, probably, I just have missed the tut which explains it all ...

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Don't know how to track with TrackX ... 11 Jul 2015 05:46 #66387



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Don't know how to track with TrackX ... 11 Jul 2015 05:55 #66388

OK — a few tips which should help with this clip.

1. I'd track something that isn't going to change shape, which remains in a standard position — his nose and moustache? If you track his mouth it's going to get tricky.

2. You can enlarge the inserted surface beyond 200% by dragging the green corner controls. You can also move the inserted surface below the tracked area that way.

3. To avoid tilting, you can set the tracking type to Position and rotation only, avoiding perspective moves, which may help.

Let us know how you go.

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Don't know how to track with TrackX ... 12 Jul 2015 06:44 #66400

Thanks for your hints!
completely missed that "tracjing type options" .. <slapping own forehead>
as mentioned in my other thead: a manual would be handy ... for my sort of learning new tricks.

... unfortunately, the all mighty "Dept. for Real Life" doesn't allow me to try&check it now .... telling me "FCPX is just a hobby!… go out into the sun .... later!…" etc etc etc ... ;)

Will show results as soon as possible!

aside some too-obvious flaws, it comes out pretty well ....

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Don't know how to track with TrackX ... 12 Jul 2015 17:08 #66407

okayyyy - followed your advice word by word - then:

(…I like the on screen advices)

I told TrackX, use eyes and nose for tracking... tracked perfectly, and fast (in my standards)

But … when I filled the image-well with the singing mouth, it ....

… uses the trapezium of he tracking area, not my sources 16:) rectangle.
When dragging the green corners, not blue but yellow points appear ..
I could 'fix' the distortion...

Finally, going back'n forth with the same 'box', trial and error, after a while TrackX started to behave erratic ...

Instead of using my selection in the Event browser, it uses the beginning of source clip, not the selection ... ok, a flaw, ... after the 66th variation, it simply got lost ...

I was under the false impression, the 'tracking area' is the area which gets replaced - obviously not, the tracking field and the replacement area could have some distance AND diff. shapes...

And: TrackX isn't meant for clicka-dadee-clicki-deeda, in terms of too much trial and error creates hickups (I wouldn't call that a bug, mostly likely my set-up is just 'overwhelmed'.

Thanks for your Help and advice ... I'm still a bit sceptical, what I do and what I get... but that singing grumpy TV host made a lot of people laugh!!! mission accomplished.

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