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25 Jan 2021
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Free FCPX Effect - TKY Over Exposure Rescue 1.0 12 Feb 2012 23:11 #4297

It sometimes happens that you have a shot that is over-exposed and you want to try and restore some of the missing information in the blown-out areas. TKY Over Exposure Rescue (gotta think up a catchier name!) is designed to help you with with that recovery process.


If you solo the different RGB channel in your source image, you will notice that one or other of the channels seems to have more information than the others. Typically in the most common case of a burnt-out sky, the blue channel with have no information but there will still be some detail in the Red or Green channels.

The purpose of this effect is to harness that hidden information and allow you to add it back.

Note that this effect uses the new Motion Template Tool installer form Andreas Kiel (Spherico). Please do make the effort to download this installer and use it - and maybe buy Andreas a beer while you're at it! Tnanks.

Apologies for the double post but I always seem to end up positing to the main forum by mistake. Hopefully someone at fcp.co towers will take down this version!!

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Free FCPX Effect - TKY Over Exposure Rescue 1.0 23 Jun 2013 20:33 #27635

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Is there any way to get this nice tool? :(

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