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25 Jan 2021
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FCP crashes instantly when changing AJA IO hd output from 720 to 1080 02 Jun 2020 17:42 #107619


Yes I'm old school but I have a few small projects that are on FCP 7. I bought an AJA IO hd to output sdi to an older JVC pro monitor that is still in the post. I also want to connect a hdmi TV so I'm testing the setup currently with the HDMI tv.

The Mac pro I have is a 1,1 machine running Lion. The aja IO hd is running the latest software and firmware.

All works fine with 1920x1080 apple pro res proxy footage on a timeline that is set to the same as the footage. I set the AJA IO hd in the fcp output settings to AJA Pro res 720 and all fine on the hdmi monitor.

When I switch it to output 1080 to view the footage at its native resolution the FCP almost instantly crashes. Does anyone have any theories on how to fix this?


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