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Colour correcting from Final Cut Pro X with Aperture


Yes you read the title right, how to colour correct in FCPX with a roundtrip via Aperture. It's a very long trip, a very, very long trip, but if you must go...

If there is one thing that FCPX isn't short of it's colour correction tools. There are hundreds of ways to grade footage, either by using the internal tools or by third party products such as looks, bullets, styles, grades, moods, hangovers, whatever.

Even with all those methods, some people want to grade in their favourite app such as Aperture even though it wasn't designed for video. We can understand the thought process behind wanting to do this, but the pain involved in converting video into an image sequence, then stacks and back makes this a very time consuming process.

Was it all worth it? Chris from The Reason kindly adds a before and after split screen at the end for you to judge. You have to admire the effort and it works for him, in the end that's what matters.

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