Sam Mestman has been busy, his film community has been publishing free Final Cut Pro tutorials. He's also organising a film competition for micro-budget features.


Hey everyone, Sam here… Just wanted to let you know that We Make Movies (www.wemakemovies.org) has released 3 brand new tutorials last week on Final Cut Pro, and there are 7 more coming over the next few weeks ahead of WWDC on our YouTube Channel. All of these are based on our Smartphone Studio curriculum at We Make Movies that we have been teaching to communities around the world the last few years now.

We maintain that Final Cut Pro and the Apple hardware ecosystem is still the easiest and best way to teach filmmaking, and we are convinced that the future of filmmaking will be through teaching people how to use the cell phones to turn out any of the content they need, gradually working their way up from that workflow to increasingly more professional ones based on their needs.

Before we embed to the videos, one last little related piece of news. We Make Movies has also launched its Make Your Feature Competition today. It’s basically Project Greenlight meets Shark Tank, it’s open to all paid We Make Movies Members, and we’ll be greenlighting at least 2 Micro-budget feature films with 25k budgets and tens of thousands of dollars of additional resources. Also, you can rest assured they’ll be edited with Final Cut Pro, and the movies will be finished in 4k HDR and optimized for delivery to any streaming service on the market.

Anyway, here are the 6 Final Cut Pro videos we’ve released so far, they've got over 64,000 views so far!

Final Cut Pro: Intro to Final Cut Pro - importing, review footage, make an edit, shortcuts


Final Cut Pro: Working in Timelines - sound edits, navigation, trimming, tools, and the skimmer 


 Final Cut Pro: Working with Speed Changes, Retiming, and Blade Speed Edits


Final Cut Pro: Working with Titles, 3D titles, Lower Thirds and Generators


Final Cut Pro: working with Effects & using the Inspector 


Final Cut Pro: Social Media Workflows and Smart Conform controls


Stay tuned for 3 more tutorials being released Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week on Color Correction, Basic Sound Design, and Media Management.

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Sam Mestman is a lead contributor for FCP.co, the CEO of We Make Movies, and the founder of LumaForge.  

He’s had all the jobs and done all the things… but and more than anything… he's a guy who likes making movies, telling stories, and making the film industry faster, better, and cheaper.  

You can follow him on IG/Twitter at @sammestman.  You can see his film community at @wemakemovies or www.wemakemovies.org

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