Thomas Grove Carter starts off a series of short Final Cut Pro tutorials with four published today.

You might have seen my longer tutorials such as the one where I re-edit an Audi commercial down to a shorter length within minutes. 

Those have been popular, but with the Instagram and Tik Tok user base growing fast, I thought I'd make FCP tutorials into bite-sized episodes that can be shared everywhere.

So here's my first four, hope you enjoy them, more on the way each week.

23/2/2021. -Update- Number 5 added!


Using Clip Connections - FCP FTW 


Reverb Effect - FCP FTW 


More detailed control - FCP FTW 


Clips don't fit the frame? - FCP FTW


Collapse your stacked timeline - FCP FTW



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JoeEditor's Avatar
JoeEditor replied the topic: #112882 23 Feb 2021 20:44
Some very nice tips! But in "Messy Timeline" I'd put a warning in that one, as you're doing a destructive overwrite function, not a collapse function. But that's just me.