What does it take to convert a Hollywood editor to Final Cut Pro? in this series of videos we will find out.

Greg D'Auria's editor credits include two of the Fast & Furious movies, Star Trek Beyond, Bone Tomahawk, and more.

Now, February 2021, he is starting work on a new indie feature -- and he's decided to cut it on FCPX, to see what all the fuss is about. He has never used Final Cut Pro X before, so this will be a true trial-by-fire.

Join Mike and Mike as we have a quick chat with Greg about his decision and his expectations.

We will check in with him periodically as he edits the film, and join him for a final discussion once the project is complete, where Greg will share his experience and thoughts on using FCP for feature films.



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Mike is a live-action and animation editor. Recent work includes: Looney Tunes, Batman, Young Justice for Warner Bros.

He worked with Duncan Studio in Los Angeles on CBS Films, Middle School: The Worst Years of my Life and recently (2020) worked with Apple on some very cool internal content.

Notable work from the past, USA Network's MONK, David Fincher's Fight Club and Panic Room, and he wrote, directed and produced indie film, Feed The Fish.

Mike is also a writer and has two completed spec scripts (one feature and one pilot) and authored a book on feature film workflow for Apple's Final Cut Pro software. He has spoken at multiple conventions instructing and endorsing Final Cut Pro X.

Lastly, Mike is a father of two and lives in Studio City, California.

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