Did you know you can change the duration of more than one transition at a time in Final Cut Pro?

Final Cut Pro is very good at allowing you to do changes to multiple items at once. This is very different to other NLEs that will flag a warning and grey out the options if you have more than one item selected!

So how do you go about changing multiple transitions in Final Cut Pro in one go? Let's find out! 


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I am a videographer, editor, university instructor & teach Final Cut Pro X & Adobe workshops across Canada.

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luicaralex's Avatar
luicaralex replied the topic: #112749 17 Feb 2021 20:59
OMG I have been struggling with this for such a long time this was amazing.

thank you so much for doing this video !!!!
JoeEditor's Avatar
JoeEditor replied the topic: #112759 18 Feb 2021 14:49
I'd throw in Cmd-T to place the default (dissolve) transition.
And selecting LOTS of transitions at once using the Timeline Index.
Good video, Benjamin!