Ever wondered what is taught in one of Sam Mestman's Smartphone Studio classes? He's just posted 10 free YouTube tutorials from the curriculum, three of which are all about Final Cut Pro X.

Sam here… We Make Movies is excited to announce that we’re giving away the intro level of our Smartphone Studio away for free.

In these uncertain times we know access to education and resources to help tell your story should be essential and attainable. So, we decided that the apps, best practices and tutorials we’ve built our workshops around should be available to everyone for free.

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what you all create with these lessons and have made it a point to make it extremely easy and quick for you to get up and shooting with the camera in your pocket.

We cover editing in FCPX, shooting with the pro video app Filmic Pro, the free multi-cam studio app Filmic Pro Double Take, recording high quality second source audio (with FCPX metadata!) with Apogee MetaRecorder and even the best practices when using the native iPhone video app.

We think you’ll find that the accessibility of the iOS ecosystem paired with the power of the FCPX platform is pretty incredible for filmmakers of all levels. Here’s the link to the full set of mobile filmmaking tutorials, but the FCPX intro tutorials are embedded here:

Intro to Final Cut Pro X

Working in Final Cut Pro X Timelines

Speed Changes in Final Cut Pro X 


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Sam Mestman is a lead contributor for FCP.co, the CEO of We Make Movies, and the founder of LumaForge.  

He’s had all the jobs and done all the things… but and more than anything… he's a guy who likes making movies, telling stories, and making the film industry faster, better, and cheaper.  

You can follow him on IG/Twitter at @sammestman.  You can see his film community at @wemakemovies or www.wemakemovies.org

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