Mike Matzdorff and Michael Yanovich have been busy making tutorials during lockdown. Today they have released the first two in a five part series. Titled 'Unauthorised FCPX' they are aimed at editors taking another look at Final Cut Pro X.

"Join Mike and Michael on FCP.co Live Show 12"

We think for a lot of us Final Cut Pro X editors, it is hard to understand why other editors don't 'get' our favourite NLE.

That's why LA based editors Mike Matzdorff and Michael Yanovich have put together a series of tutorials aimed at editors who want to take another look at FCPX.

They are both working editors, but do a lot on other NLE's, so they are well qualified to put the case over to others who are locked into old Avid or clumsy Premiere workflows.

Here's the trailer from the two guys

Here's the first two videos that have just been released:

 Episode 1 - Overview


Episode 2 - The Browser

No word yet when the other videos will become available, we will have to ask them on our live show!

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