We don't really need an excuse to do an FCPX tutorial roundup; they always go down well on FCP.co. However, we haven't done one for a while so that's a good reason to catch up.

We start with a heroic video from Leno at LenoFX. Streamed live for a massive 5 hours (Did he have any loo breaks?) Leno ran through how Final Cut Pro X works. Whilst the end tends to go off-topic slightly into his plugins, there's a good solid wedge of knowledge to pickup.

Want to learn how to build plugins for Final Cut Pro X? Idustrial Revolution has this half hour FCPX/Motion lesson on building a 'Text Panel Flip' plugin. If you can't or don't want to build your own, you can download the FCPX plugin free from their website.

Next, something completely different and (sorry old editors) refreshing. We have included this 10 minute tutorial not only for the information on how to use FCPX with Instagram, but also for the sheer speed she rips through the process! Try keeping up with her in any other NLE! - I think we also might invite Clara on FCP.co live :)

Want to learn all about speed ramps? (Voted the most over-used effect in TV sports production in 2010-2019) If so, Peter Lindgren has a ten minute tutorial singing the praises of the Speed Blade.

Have you seen that social media is awash with musical performances stitched together from people playing at home? In this FCPX/Motion tutorial, Idustrial Revolution builds a 4/9/16 way 'Zoom Emulator.' Again, if you don't want to put the maths in building it yourself, you can download the free FCPX plugin from their site.

Want to go a step further and zoom into a quad split? FCPX tutorial stalwart Ben Halsall (how does he make so many tutorials?) builds a split screen and zooms in. 

Talking of long-time tutorial producers, how could we leave the Ripple boys out? In this episode of MacBreak Studio, Steve Martin shows us how to get Garageband loops into FCPX. Clever.


This one caught our eye as we tend to do the same when we want to display an effect in a YouTube thumbnail. Trey Lowell takes us through the process of building an attention-grabbing poster image in Final Cut Pro X

To be honest, we thought long-time Final Cut Pro evangelist Larry Jordan had gone off FCPX. Not so. He's released a set of YouTube videos that are excerpts from a training webinar. Here, he looks at the Focus Blur filter to emulate depth-of-field.

There you go, some tutorials to burn up your lockdown time indoors. Stay safe! 


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