Edit a feature film in 8K on Final Cut Pro X? Who would attempt such a thing? Patrick Southern for one and he has kindly documented his ingest, dailies and proxy making workflow.

More pixels, more storage, more computing power. We all know that FCPX is the best NLE out there for handling large amounts of data, it has to if you want to shoot and post produce in a large format like 8K.

Patrick Southern is in the middle of the production of an 8K feature that is being post produced on Final Cut Pro X. Editing with the camera originals (although not RAW) isn't a good idea due to their size, so Patrick and his team are using custom proxies.

He's very kindly taken time to document his 8K workflow including the process of ingesting, backing up, syncing of rushes and proxy creation. There's a lot of good information in his video and it is well worth a watch.

Software used by Patrick:
Frame.io  (Free 30 day use with this link)


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