How would you like a free 14 part set of tutorials demoing Frame.io? You are in luck, the guys at Ripple Training have just published a comprehensive set of videos on exactly that.

We have been using Frame.io ever since it's launch. Clients always comment how great it is that they can watch edited content easily on their desktop or phones and give feedback directly without the hassle of timecodes & paperwork. Just to prove the point, we will be updating  a few edits with comments from Frame.io right after this article gets published!

The recent release of the Frame.io Workflow Extension has also helped tremendously, knitting the two apps together for even more functionality.

So although we wouldn't say that working with Frame.io is complicated, a little extra knowledge helps to maximise the potential of the partnership.

That's where Ripple Training has come in and produced a free 14 part series of lessons on how Frame.io works. Not all of them are for FCPX, so we have missed them off the list below and they can be found on their channel.

A great resource, if you haven't tried Frame.io then take a look at the videos and then take the free trial for a spin. If you do use Frame.io already, worth a watch as there is always something you can pick up.

A big thank you to Steve and Mark for the tutorials, grab a large coffee and enjoy!

1) Creating an Account

2) Managing Settings

3) Managing Projects & Files


4) Uploading Files

5) Sharing Projects & Files

6) Reviewing Files

7) Working with Reviewed Files

8) Using the iOS App

9) Final Cut Pro X Integration


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