Leno from LenoFX has very kindly put together this tutorial for FCP.co. He shows us how to build a Motion template to get more likes & subscribers on YouTube.


In this article, I will show how you can get more likes and subscribers on Youtube by creating this useful template for Final Cut Pro X to use in your videos.

The most successful Youtube channels use them all the time.

Asking your viewers to like, subscribe and activate notifications throughout your videos is essential for your growth.

Before we begin, I would like to say that if you don’t have the time or skills to work in Motion 5, I’m launching a new plugin for Final Cut Pro X called “Youtube Growth Tools,”

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So let’s get started.


1. Recording the Screen

First, we need to record our screen doing the call to action. For this, I like to use Screenflow but I'll be using Quicktime because not everybody has Screenflow.

1. Open your Youtube channel on a Mac with retina display
2. Using Spotlight Open Quicktime
3. Then go to the File Menu, click on New Screen Recording 

 leno fcpx youtube 02

4. Disable the “Show Mouse Clicks in Recording”

leno fcpx youtube 01

5. Click on the record button and click again on your screen to start recording
6. To gain more quality, increase the zoom of your browser, in Google Chrome press "Command + =" to zoom in and "Command + -" to zoom out.
7. Now, do the actions, like, subscribe and activate notifications. Do the same process a few times so we can use the best one.


8. Next stop recording

leno fcpx youtube 05

9. Save your movie file

leno fcpx youtube 02


2 Motion Editing

1. It's time to create the template in Motion. Open Motion and create a new Final Cut Title Project
2. HD 1080, 24 fps, 5 seconds long

 leno fcpx youtube 03

3. Delete the text and create a new group, rename it as “SR.”
4. Add your screen recording to the new group
(Right click for larger images & GIFs)


5. Now is just a matter of finding the best action to use it. Press “I" to cut the beginning of the layer and “O" to cut the end.
6. Select the Rectangle mask tool
7. Draw a rectangle mask around the like and subscribe button

02 rectangle mask

8. Next position the layer at the beginning of the project


3 Intro Animation 

Now let’s animate the group "SR";
1. Position the playhead at the beginning of the project
2. Add a keyframe on the position and opacity parameter
3. Move the playhead to frame 12 or 15
4. Go back to the previous keyframe
5. Change the first values; Experiment with the position and set the opacity to 0


6. Now, with the SR group select, open the Keyframe editor and do these changes.



4 Outro Animation

1. Now Position the playhead where the last click ends, here is where the outro animation start.
2. Select the keyframes and press command C to copy, then command V to paste.
3. Select the new ones, right click on one of them and click on Reverse Keyframes



5 Change Project’s Duration

1. Now we need to change the project’s duration
2. To do that position the playhead on the last keyframe
3. The current playhead position is 3 seconds and 12 frames, that's the duration I want for this project. So I'll click on the watch and add one more frame by typing 313.

duration project


6 Publishing Parameters

1. Now we are going to publish the scale and position to be able to change it in Final Cut
2. Right click on the "SR" group and click on Group to create a new one

new group

3. Centre align the anchor points position of the new group

center align

4. Publish its Position and Scale parameters



7 Saving the Project

1. Save the project by going to the File Menu
2. Change the Template's name
3. Create a new category
4. Click Publish



8 Testing in Final Cut Pro X

1. Now we are going to test the template in FCPX
2. Go to the Titles browser and add the title to the timeline
3. Open the inspector to resize and reposition the template.
4. Congratulations, you now have a great tool to help you grow your Youtube Channel faster

You can use in all your projects the same templates.

If you like to watch videos, here’s a video version:

I hope you learned something new today and let me know if you have any question, I’ll be happy to help you!


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