It's Summer, a quiet time and many people are away from their edit stations- an ideal time to do a tutorial roundup!  We feature how to build effects, workflow suggestions and even a free 21 episode Final Cut Pro X course. Grab a large coffee and let's go!

First up is a fresh new tutorial from Le Sora showing us how to build a VHS style effect in FCPX using the built in filters. It's nice to have a female voice on a tutorial for a change and we will definitely be paying more attention to her channel in the future.

Steve Martin and Mark Spencer are now at over 400 episodes of MacBreak Studio. They are now taking a slightly different tack with the series and in this episode they look at the power of plugins and Compound Clips. Using the XEffects Smooth Glass Slideshow plugins, Steve builds up a complex animating slideshow in minutes.

Workflow, workflow, workflow, we all love workflow examples. In this tutorial, PhotoJoseph runs us through the FCPX workflow he uses when editing videos for his YouTube channel. 

Standby for a long watch as we present 21 video tutorials from IzzyVideo that run through FCPX right from the basics. He produced one of the first free online courses for FCPX just after it was released, so it is good to see him back with a set for 10.4.3. We have embedded the whole 21 videos as a playlist, over 3 hours of free learning! 

Next up are two tutorials that use the Draw Mask feature in Final Cut Pro X. The first from HBFilms shows how to build a simple parallax effect In Final Cut Pro X by moving the background and foreground independently. Have to admire his laid back approach, including not being bothered to shoot anything for the task!

Want to create a spooky eye effect? Apart from drinking a whole bottle of tequila, it can also be achieved using the Draw Mask effect. You will need one for each eye and a lot of time animating the mask to make this look real. We think a touch more feathering would have helped.

Sometimes the simplest tricks are indeed, simple! Possibly the shortest FCPX tutorial we have ever posted at 55 seconds, SamsTech gets straight to the point by showing us how to shoot and build the pull back from screen effect. 

Finally, as we love Motion, this time it is Mark Spencer who shows Steve Martin how to build a Netflix inspired title on MacBreak Studio.


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