It should really be called 'Novemeber's big tutorial roundup' seeing as we are only just in December, but still a good title for a list of great learning resources. Let's hope we can get another one in before Christmas!

We start off with a tutorial directly in FCPX from Brian King on how to emulate the 'A Wrinkle in Time' titles. He's well ahead of the game as the film isn't in theatres until March 9th 2018! 

Ben Halsall seems to be producing Final Cut Pro X tutorials at an amazing rate, too many to catalogue here, so we will post his two latest videos.

The first is all about scrolling titles and rolling credits -including cutting and pasting credits from a spreadsheet.

Second up is a short tutorial on how to export sections from a Final Cut Pro X timeline. Make sure you check out the rest of his tutorials on his YouTube channel.

Over to Motion for this one and Marcos Rocha shows us how to build a simple lower third plugin title for use in FCPX.

Ever watched a Jon Olsson blog video and liked his editing style? Another prolific FCPX tutorial maker Ryan Nangle recreates three of his stylistic editing methods. Fat EQ? Yes that was a new one on us !

Back to Motion with an answer to a question that gets asked a lot on forums: "How do I animate a line on a map?" Quick Easy Tutorials shows us how.  

Hopefully see you later in the month with more tutorials! 


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