Ever wanted to sit in an editing class at a local Public Access TV station? Eero Johnson has very kindly published his FCPX session from a recent meeting in Bellingham, Washington where he took his students through FCPX, starting from the very basics.

In a week where some post professionals have made rather grand and conceited boasts about their editing skills and technical knowledge, it's refreshing to see new students learning FCPX at the grass roots level. The big growth in editing is not in Hollywood, it is with people such as the students on this class who want to make their own shows.

Access Bellingham provides public access television in Bellingham, Washington. Any resident of Bellingham can have their show broadcast in the six hour slot available on Sunday evenings throughout the year.

To help with production, Access Bellingham has partnered up with EJ Visuals to provide camera and editing training. For the post production side, Eero Johnson has chosen FCPX to teach aspiring directors & editors.

He's very kindly published his recent sessions on YouTube and the four videos embedded below make an excellent start for the FCPX newbie. It is also fascinating to hear the students interact and we especially like his 'highways' analogy of the Magnetic Timeline in video 3. Not to mention the chickens!



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